FinovateSpring 2013 / Quantopian

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How they describe themselves: Quantopian is building the world’s first browser-based algorithmic trading platform, giving quants the tools and support they need to learn, create, explore and reap the benefits of quantitative finance. With Quantopian, users can be operational in minutes rather than months. Quantopian provides robust foundational technology for creating algorithms, delivers unfettered access to a decade’s worth of trading data for backtesting and allows users to import external datasets into the platform. Quantopian is also an engaged community where people can discuss concepts, processes and performance and learn from peers and experts. The result: Better ways to understand – and profit from – quantitative trading.

How they describe their product/innovation: Quantopian Live Trading allows quants to trade on their algorithms directly from the Quantopian platform using only their browser. Native to the cloud, Quantopian Live Trading combines historical data, algorithm simulation, external and live market data, brokerage integration and algorithm development into a seamless browser-only workflow. Algorithms can go from historical backtesting, to simulated real-time trading, to live trading with the click of a button.


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Press: Steve Vittorioso, Sr. Account Executive,, 781-966-4100

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