FinovateSpring 2013 / EyeVerify

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How they describe themselves: EyeVerify has commercialized a software-only biometric method for verifying the identity of mobile users called “Eyeprints.” The Eyeprint Verification System is based on the unique vein patterns in the whites of your eyes and has fingerprint level accuracy. Eyeprints require only the existing camera in a smartphone, so the system is not dependent on expensive fingerprint or iris scanning hardware.

Eyeprints will reduce fraud, identity theft and can replace cumbersome passwords – making mobile authentication and access management accurate, simple and secure.

How they describe their product/innovation: EyeVerify recently announced a Beta and Pilot program. Eyeprints are a simple, safe replacement for passwords. The beta program supports Finance companies seeking to integrate, test, pilot and deploy the next generation authenticator. Learn more and sign up at

The beta will include prototype applications, SDK access, technical and engineering support as well as quality assurance test plans and results. Beta participants can also take advantage of early access to commercial releases.

EyeVerify’s patented technology uses built-in cameras within smartphones to image and pattern match users’ eye veins, ensuring highly accurate, fast and convenient security for mobile finance transactions.


Bus. Dev.: Chris Barnett, EVP Global Sales & Marketing,

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