FinovateSpring 2013 / Escardgot

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Escardgot is a start-up company. Its primary focus is to solve technology issues in the nascent wireless payment industry. Escardgot manufactures and sells both the Helix SCard and SCard-GO mobile app. These two products, when combined, support a multi-platform business model that connects the wireless payment industry to end consumers. Escardgot’s primary markets include wireless payment markets, mobile application markets, retailers, credit card industry, and the banking industry, as well as end consumers.

How they describe their product/innovation: The patented Helix SCard, combined with the SCard-GO mobile app, allows a consumer to reduce their wallet-full-of-cards down to a single, secure card. The innovative technology inside the Helix SCard allows it to become any magnetic stripe card – for example a credit or debit card. In addition to selecting different cards, SCard-GO mobile app allows a consumer to make transactions, review transactions, and receive electronic offers from merchants. The Helix SCard works with existing POS technology and does not require a hardware upgrade like NFC does. And because it does not require a transaction fee, it is transparent to the credit industry, unlike Square. It is also transparent for the end consumer, as the Helix SCard has the same form factor, appearance, and behavior as a standard credit card.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Thomas D Humphrey, President,
Press: Garret Unglaub, Marketing Analyst,

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