FinovateSpring 2013 / Better ATM Services

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How they describe themselves: Better ATM Services is a technology innovator with patented technology that leverages the latent capacity of the world’s existing fleet of more than 2 million ATMs. This technology enables ATMs to load, activate and dispense specially designed prepaid cards just like cash directly from ATM cash trays. Our current product line includes ATM-dispensed Visa prepaid gift cards and Discover multi-merchant cards. We are partnered with the world’s major ATM deployers, ATM manufacturers, card brands and card payment networks to capture a share of the more than $549 billion loaded onto prepaid cards in 2012.

How they describe their product/innovation: We’ve bridged the gap between ATMs and prepaid cards! Better ATM Services worked with major card payment networks to develop thinner, yet durable 3-panel cards that can roll through ATM cash mechanisms, yet function like normal payment cards at point-of-sale terminals. We also worked with major ATM manufacturers to develop very minor modifications that allow existing ATMs to select, load, activate and dispense these new cards. This new card design is now approved for use by financial institutions throughout the U.S. and international approvals are underway. Financial institutions can now automate their prepaid programs through their existing ATM fleets.


Bus. Dev.: Troy Bowman, VP Operations,, 480-296-2033
Press: Sharon Schultz, Public Relations,, (o) 480-296-2033, (m) 301-351-0109
Sales: David Schnepf, VP Sales & Marketing,, 480-296-2033

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