FinovateSpring 2013 / MoneyDesktop

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: MoneyDesktop is redefining the way millions of people interact with their finances by developing technologies that drive financial engagement between account holders and financial institutions. Through its award-winning technology, MoneyDesktop has taken Personal Financial Management (PFM) to the next level by making money management more attractive to interact with. In three years, MoneyDesktop has partnered with more than 400 financial institutions and 27 online banking, core and payment network providers. By integrating directly into online banking, core and payment platforms, MoneyDesktop positions financial institutions as the financial hub or primary financial institution for account holders.

How they describe their product/innovation: Along with their industry leading PFM, MoneyDesktop has developed, and will be revealing, its powerful back-end data analytics and marketing platform. Comprised of two products, Insight and Target, the new platform equips financial service organizations with easy-to-consume user insights that can effortlessly be transformed into targeted marketing campaigns — leading to higher conversion rates, greater wallet share and increased loan volume.

Insight leverages aggregated PFM user data to create customizable marketing segments based on users’ growth, demographics, accounts, spending, interest rates on competing financial products and more. Target turns insight into action by enabling financial institution to continually create and send targeted marketing content and product offerings that are hyper relevant to their user base. Together – Insight and Target provide financial institutions a groundbreaking new way to market and drive adoption of their most valuable account types.


Press: Bevin Wallace,, 678-781-7230
Sales: Matt West,, 801-669-5652

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