FinovateSpring 2011 / Ready Receipts

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Widespread adoption of online receipts requires a ubiquitous solution with low barriers of entry for retailers. As such, Ready Receipts has built an online receipt platform that works for all retailers, from Joe’s Surfboard Shop to the proverbial high-volume Big Box store. This is possible through patent-pending technology and a company culture of simplicity and scalability of design. In an information rich society, access to organized data is power, for both consumers and business owners. With their patent-pending technology, Ready Receipts can provide access to Level 3 data without complicated POS requirements.

How they describe their product/innovation: Ready Receipts provides consumers access to their receipts online (or through mobile devices), all in one place from participating retailers. Consumers can use this product to facilitate returns, rebates, warranties, expense reports, and taxes. Retailers have access to consumers through a Promotion Portal to deliver offers and coupons to specific sets of consumers matching a desired profile. More importantly, they have access to the aggregate data through Ready Receipts about their customers for more impactful, effective, and targeted marketing and promotions. The receipt data can also be consumed by other businesses (such as financial institutions or card brands), creating new products and revenue streams.


Bus. Dev., Press: David Crossett, CEO,, 208-573-6541
Sales: Tauscha Johanson, Director Sales and Marketing,, 208-908-2580

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