FinovateSpring 2011 / Gold Bullion International

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Gold Bullion International (GBI) created the first ever technology/operations platform that allows retail investors to buy, store and trade allocated physical precious metals online through their existing wealth management platform. GBI set a new trend in physical precious metals investing by launching the first ever electronic bullion trading platform that provides its clientele with seamless order entry and execution, effective logistics management, and world-class client service. The trading platform serves as a synthetic exchange offering investors competitive pricing, greater transparency and improved liquidity. GBI allows investors to purchase physical metals as easily as buying a stock or bond through their broker.

How they describe their product/innovation: GBI will demo its state of the art technology platform that delivers a comprehensive, efficient and secure way for investors to purchase and store physical precious metals. When a broker places an order through their existing order entry platform, GBI bids this order out to its extensive dealer network to provide the lowest available price in the market. The purchased metals are then transported from the dealer’s vault to a storage facility at the customers’ discretion. These metals are subsequently audited by a big 4 accounting firm on a quarterly basis. Clients will own the physical metal in an allocated private account, which is verified with holdings and reported on a daily basis. Investors also have the option to take physical delivery of their precious metal holdings at anytime.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Sunil Annapareddy, VP Sales & Business Development, 646-822-1273
Press: Div Malik, Vice President,, 646-822-1306

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