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How they describe themselves: Corduro is passionate about simplifying the challenges for SaaS providers and reducing payment fees for merchants. Corduro has developed a suite of cloud services that enable agile payments for traditional retail, Internet and now mobile. Corduro is enabling the next generation of payment services.

How they describe their product/innovation: Corduro is pioneering social payment mobilization. Imagine a world where you walk into Starbucks and check-in using your mobile app. Your Facebook status updates, and the menu appears on your phone. With the touch of your finger you order your favorite drink and authorize payment. There’s nothing more to do but wait for your name to be called. You never stand in line and never pull out your wallet. Corduro’s mobile application and cloud services make this possible today for any consumer and any organization. What they haven’t done is land a deal with Starbucks. Not yet.
Why would Starbucks or any merchant find this interesting? They just learned something that they never had before – instant behavioral data on who’s in their store and what they purchased.

But there’s an even bigger thing going on at Corduro that just might be the game changer for everyone who participates in the network. Corduro enables people that are passionate about causes to participate in accepting payments directly from their mobile device. Charities call these very special people volunteers. Similarly, Corduro enables people to be a sales agent for products, like a book on Amazon that they are passionate about. Corduro’s system is the first of it’s kind to actually enable organizations to connect and organize their volunteers and sales people in real time.

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Bus. Dev.: Robert Ziegler, CEO,, 888-247-1886 x100
Press: Stephanie Gnibus, GMK Communications,, 408-776-9727
Sales: Mike Tobias, SVP Sales & Marketing,, 888-247-1886, x169, Tony De Bruno, VP Merchant Services,, 888-247-1886 x156

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