FinovateSpring 2011 / Enloop

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How they describe themselves: Enloop is a free online service that anyone can use to automatically generate a business plan and immediately know its potential for success through a powerful predictive scoring algorithm. Business owners and entrepreneurs can use Enloop’s automated and affordable system to vet a business idea – or improve the performance of an existing venture. At the same time, underwriters can quickly gauge the venture’s risk by viewing the company’s financial performance metrics to efficiently evaluate leads, improve deal flow and reduce due diligence costs. Partner opportunities include data aggregation, highly-qualified lead generation and sales funnel expansion, and efficient SMB targeted marketing.

How they describe their product/innovation: Enloop’s patent-pending, first-to-market Business Planning and Scoring System is a game-changing platform that alters how ventures are planned, funded and managed. The system’s innovative features include easy-to-use tools that automatically create customized business plans for any business, including a predictive score and a financial ratio review that evaluates how the business compares to its industry peers. Expert guidance is provided at each step, including recommendations on improving under-performing ventures. All text and GAAP-compliant financial forecasts are automatically prepared using Enloop’s AutoWrite system. Fully formatted business plans and financial metrics reports are generated on-the-fly for users to download or share.


Bus. Dev., Press & Sales: Cynthia McCahon, CEO,, 415-722-7882

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