FinovateFall 2012 / Mortgage Harmony

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How they describe themselves: Mortgage Harmony Corp. is a financial services company founded in December 2008. The Company designs, develops, and distributes innovative residential mortgage products in a SaaS environment. The company’s cornerstone product, the HarmonyLoan™, is a consumer initiated interest rate-resetting mortgage with a recurring compensation structure to the loan officer (MARS — Mortgage Annuity Revenue Stream). The target market is the one trillion dollar single-family residential mortgage origination market.

How they describe their product/innovation: HarmonyLoan™ Central is a client-branded web-interface for borrowers to access their HarmonyLoan™. The product eliminates the need for the traditional refinance. With a single “click of the button,” a borrower can reset their mortgage rate with no fees, appraisal, credit check, underwriting, and no new amortization schedule. The financial institution eliminates back office processing costs and increases loan retention, all at a premium yield. The servicer reduces portfolio churn, and the loan originator creates a recurring revenue stream via our patented compensation method (No. 7292995). In other words, everyone wins.


Sales: Kevin Ziolkowski, SVP Business Development, (925) 292-4799
Investment Oppty/Press: Keith Kelly, CEO,, (703) 926-8626
Partnerships: Ray Crosier, President,, (703) 825-7330

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