FinovateFall 2012 / Finovera

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How they describe themselves: Finovera makes it easy for households to automatically receive, organize and manage bills, financial statements and important family documents in one place safely and securely. The startup’s SaaS app lets users link their bank, credit cards, brokerages, utilities and other online accounts for automatic downloads of statements every month. Users get alerts when bills are due and action is required. Users can also see original PDF versions of bills and financial statements, connect to bank or biller websites for payment, and archive documents in a digital filing cabinet. Accounts that don’t have online access can be manually entered and managed. Users can also upload and store important family documents such as tax records, insurance policies, birth certificates, drivers licenses, major purchases and receipts.

How they describe their product/innovation: The average American household is overwhelmed by more than 20+ service provider relationships that require managing dozens of web accounts and passwords. Families are busy, and it’s very easy to miss deadlines and due dates, incur finance charges and hurt your credit rating. Despite the widespread availability of paperless bills, statements and many documents, digitization of household information management has still not taken off – primarily because there hasn’t been any service that was effortless and convenient.

Finovera does all of the work for busy families. Our mission is to bring order to this chaos by automatically downloading and organizing bills and financial statements every month in a secure digital filing cabinet. Using mobile cameras or scanners, consumers can store documents in the cloud. The service reminds users when bills are due, and a one-click ‘Pay Now’ button automatically logs them in to their online accounts on external websites so bills can be paid quickly and conveniently.


Bus. Dev.: Purna Pareek, CEO,
Press: Preeti Ray, Senior Product Manager,

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