FinovateFall 2012 / Internet Biometric Security Systems

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How they describe themselves: IBSS delivers a 100% cloud based four factor online end user authentication software solution that can dramatically improve the online security of any internet based application. IBSS’s patented real-time biometric human identification technology provides a superior end user alternative toward eliminating the current problems of anonymous and transferable user names and password login standards. As a web-centric solution, IBSS’s biometric technology is simple to use, affordable, and can be rapidly deployed across any enterprise with no special hardware or software requirements. IBSS’s real-time human identification technology is ideal for improving online security for email communications, web collaboration, online financial transactions, electronic health records, e-Education, or any other high-value group content data. IBSS is striving to improve online user accountability through the use of superior real-time human identification technology that will replace outdated usernames-passwords.

How they describe their product/innovation: IBSS is launching its “Genesis Enterprise Edition”, representing an advanced, affordable, real-time human identification technology for online financial service transactions. Factor 1: Real- time legal identification of end user personal information. Factor 2: Coupled real-time biometric facial authentication. Factor 3: Coupled real-time speaker authentication. Factor 4: Coupled real-time session biometric monitoring of each online financial transaction event, supported with a scalable biometrically authenticated timeline audit log record. IBSS’s technology is a full perimeter online access security solution that provides superior end user identification of the actual banking customer, as well as the actual online financial services representative used in the collaborative sharing of confidential financial information through a common group shared database. IBSS’s superior identification improves bank security for both online consumer transaction activity identification, and equally promotes a higher degree of consumer trust of online bank employee identification integrity by using the same biometric identification standards used by their own customers.


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