FinovateFall 2012 / Euronovate

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How they describe themselves: “Zero paper company” aiming to transform every legal paper signed into an ab-origine electronic document with the same legal validity in all verticals worldwide. Euronovate is the first company able to offer an end-to-end approach for ab-origine paperless, assuring the best benefit for customers in terms of cost reduction, process efficiency and experience. Euronovate SA was founded by Alberto Guidotti, head and promoter of the banking paperless revolution, and 5 industrial partners. Euronovate is based in Lugano and is opening its first foreign branch in Milan, Italy. It is now operating through strategic partnership in all of Europe, Africa and Far-east.

How they describe their product/innovation: Industrial model with an end-to-end approach for paperless. Existing companies are focused on only one key element, creating a fragmentation of competence and making it difficult for customers to realize a successful paperless project. Euronovate owns all the expertise and the best product to deliver a turnkey paperless program (using partner resources.). ENSIGN 10 + ENSOFT are innovative tablet and software for advanced electronic signature and instant marketing, with a unique concept that assures maximum customer experience and level of security. Features include: 10” wide screen, biometric data capturing including special on-the-air movement and 1.024 pressure level, one single shell impossible to open, encryption 3DES in communication, USB cable for power and data transmission avoiding any tentative of sniffing, tempered glass.


Bus. Dev.: Alberto Guidotti, CEO,
Press: Giada Vettori, Executive Assistant,
Sales: Alfredo Isacchi, Sales Director,

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