FinovateFall 2012 / DigitalMailer

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: DigitalMailer, through internally developed digital communication tools, has been helping financial institutions open their largest branch – the virtual branch. Over the past 12 years the company has consistently released products and services that financial institutions have used to communicate with their customers to generate new revenue and cut costs.

How they describe their product/innovation: My Virtual Strongbox is a new SaaS application that enables users to store copies of their most personal documents including wills, birth/marriage certificates, insurance policies, deeds, titles, and any other important documents that would be sorely missed if lost or destroyed.

My Virtual StrongBox can be easily integrated with a financial institution’s online banking product as well as Personal Financial Management tools via established APIs. My Virtual StrongBox starts with top-level folders and space customized to the financial institution. Customers can then open their own folders to organize their records in the way that makes sense to them. As each file is uploaded, My Virtual StrongBox encrypts the file so that only the customer can download and open the file again. Customers can also encrypt files or zip and encrypt files prior to loading for added security. Should customers require more space than allocated, they can easily purchase more through the application.


Bus. Dev., Press: Ron Daly, President & CEO,, (703) 733-0339 x102
Sales: Greg Crandell, EVP Business Development & Sales,,
(703) 733-0339 x106

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