FinovateFall 2012 / ImpulseSave

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How they describe themselves: Americans are failing to save. For hundreds of years the industry has argued discipline and budgets were the answer, but look at the results. The fact is, our brains were designed fifty thousand years ago to hunt and gather, and today the option to gather (buy) has never been more optimized. No matter how cleverly you try to change Consumer behavior, a diet will most often yield more frustration than results. Therefore, instead of trying to change the Consumer to fit saving, ImpulseSave has transformed saving to fit the Consumer. We’ve made saving just as easy and gratifying as spending.

How they describe their product/innovation: ImpulseSave’s new savings tools make saving just as easy, as front-of-mind and as fun as spending. Our users are saving between two and three times the national average and are engaging on a daily and weekly basis. Through our simple web and mobile apps we offer an alternative gratification experience to consumption that redirects that money toward saving.  In addition to, instead of, or whenever the impulse strikes them, Consumers now have a “Point of Saving” at every point of sale, and at every point in between.


Bus. Dev. & Sales: Phil Fremont-Smith, Co-Founder & CEO,,
(617) 910-6681
Press: Nina Velasques,, (212) 334-9770

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