FinovateFall 2012 / MoneyDesktop

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How they describe themselves: MoneyDesktop (MD) is redefining the way that millions of people interact with their finances by developing software technologies that drive the financial engagement between account holders and financial institutions. Through its award-winning PFM, MD is the leading provider of online and mobile money management solutions and has become the fastest-growing provider of its kind. By integrating directly into online banking, core, and payment platforms, MD allows financial institutions and payment providers to act as financial hubs to account holders. MD also offers tools to financial institutions that dramatically impact loan volume, user acquisition, and wallet-share. In 2 years, MD has grown to over 310 financial institution clients and established partnerships with 25 Online Banking/Core/Payment Network Partners.

How they describe their product/innovation: On average, industry percentages for online banking PFM user adoption and engagement perform far below what is possible. The problem: PFM has been implemented as a mere check-the-box add-on, thus diminishing its huge potential as THE core experience for complete money management. With this mindset, PFM in general has struggled to gain meaningful adoption largely because it has remained separate from the complete online banking experience – usually buried deep in a drop-down tab of optional services. A dividing line exists that separates PFM from the rest of the online-banking experience.

At Finovate, MoneyDesktop is officially erasing this dividing line and introducing a seamless PFM solution for the online banking and mobile channels. This will allow financial institutions to:

  • Drive data aggregation with prominent visualizations that prompt users to add outside accounts – leading to even higher levels of loan volume through targeted cross-selling opportunities based on aggregated, user-specific account data.
  • Drastically enrich the online banking experience with eye-catching data visualization that can be framed throughout the online banking interface.
  • Fuse online and mobile banking with data visualization that is precise and consistent from desktop to mobile devices – giving users timely and rich financial insight when and where it matters most.


Press: Nate Gardner,, (801) 669-5534
Sales: Matt West,, (801) 669-5652

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