FinovateSpring 2012 / TASCET

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How they describe themselves: In a world where personal information has become a commodity, TASCET returns privacy to individuals. Its Technology as a Service (TaaS) aims to counteract the explosion in identity fraud, the use of fraudulent credentials, and the creation of synthetic identities. TASCET created an Identity Infrastructure based on the principles of privacy, flexibility, and third-party management, ensuring consistency of identity across organizations and industries. TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure helps organizations maintain data integrity, meet compliance requirements, and eliminate the use of government-issued identifiers.

As a non-transactional company, TASCET does not data-mine, sell, or share customer information and treats customer privacy as its top priority.

How they describe their product/innovation: Financial ICONN™ is a digital representation of a person’s identity as confirmed through TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure. Financial ICONN gives financial institutions a means to identify their customers without relying on Social Security numbers, virtually eliminating identity fraud and the use of synthetic identities.

Customers activate their Financial ICONN within each institution with whom they do business by providing two Fingerproofs, a Faceproof and limited biographic information. Once activated, consumers regain their privacy because ICONN verifies their identity when conducting transactions or accessing financial information. Financial ICONN allows financial institutions to give customers a personal firewall and engages them in the fight against fraud.


Bus. Dev.: Noah Kunin-Goldsmith, Business Development Director,,
Press: Jason Niosi, Director of Public Relations,, 608-442-8888

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