FinovateSpring 2012 / Affinity Solutions

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How they describe themselves: Founded in 1998, Affinity Solutions manages hundreds of offline and online relationship marketing and retailer-based rewards and incentives programs. Affinity leverages proprietary analytics applied to a range of customer data in a privacy-controlled environment to deliver the right offers most likely to drive desirable customer behavior for its bank and retailer partners. Affinity has partnerships with over 4,000 national and regional banks and leading processors, including Sovereign Bank, First Data, and Capital One, as well as over 25,000 retail partners. Its innovative programs also incorporate experiential benefits and editorial content that ‘delight and entertain customers before, during and after they shop,’ to drive deeper customer relationships for their partners.

How they describe their product/innovation: Coupon-on-a-Card is a patent-pending product allowing consumers to either pre-purchase or opt-in to a retailer offer and then receive the discount at the Point-of-Sale through the credit card swipe, not in a statement credit, but in Real-Time.

Retailers will be able to use Affinity’s “proprietary” segmentation strategies to create a marketing campaign and Banks will be able to deliver the offer totally through the plastic, with no need to deal with paying up-front and receiving a statement credit later.

The receipt will show the split-tender transaction, only charging the credit/debit card for the final amount due, after the discount/offer is applied.


Bus. Dev.: Charles Rosenblatt, EVP Partnerships,,
Press: Laura Baer, SVP Marketing,
Sales: Jonathan Gagliano, EVP Bank Sales,, 205-592-6593,
Wendy Norman, EVP Retailer Sales,, 646-922-0573

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