FinovateSpring 2012 / MoneyDesktop

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: MoneyDesktop is a leader in developing software technologies that drive the financial engagement between account holders and financial institutions and, through its award-winning PFM, is the fastest-growing provider of its kind. By integrating directly into online banking, core, and payment platforms, MoneyDesktop positions its clients as primary financial institutions with tools that drive loan volume, user acquisition, and wallet-share.

How they describe their product/innovation: Deals™ by MoneyDesktop rises above the noise of other untargeted, complex offers platforms by fully integrating into MoneyDesktop’s PFM backbone and using anonymized user transaction data to deliver a three-pronged value proposition:

Value to Financial Institutions (FI’s) – With compelling offers pushed daily to acct. holders, FI’s will:

  1. Drive loan growth from increased PFM adoption, account aggregation and transaction data
  2. Acquire new acct. holders faster and at lower costs with Deals™ viral sharing capabilities
  3. Acquire new merchant accounts as the result of relationships built with local merchants

Value To Merchants – Deals™ leverages actual transaction data and empowers Merchants to:

  1. Target consumers that are buying in their category but not from them
  2. Track and measure actual customer acquisition and customer spending data
  3. Implement an automatic and paperless redemption tool without complicating operations

Value To End-Users – Via the Deals™ app, Users receive unprecedented value through:

  1. Offers, individually tailored from personal transaction data, for items they’re already buying
  2. An automatic redemption process that eliminates cumbersome coupons and promo codes
  3. Automatically issued electronic cash-back for Deals™ that have been redeemed

MoneyDesktop combines all the best practices in the offers space with its award-winning PFM and eliminates the huge value disconnect of other offers programs. This puts MoneyDesktop in a whole different category with a game-changing solution for FI’s and Merchants that will positively impact the lives of millions of consumers.


Press: Nate Gardner,, 801-669-5534
Sales: Matt West,, 801-669-5652

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