FinovateFall 2015 / Tranwall

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Tranwall is a company whose original invention dates back to the World Soccer games of 2010 in South Africa. At the time a large quantity of private visitors and businesses needed secure payments via prepaid cards. Tranwall has expanded this service into and added functionality for card control for different type of payments.

Tranwall’s typical customers issue cards and manage transactions, such as credit card companies, banks, payment processors, fuel distributors, retail chains, etc. Its customers gain by reducing fraud, adding functionality for end users, and reducing time to market for new product offerings.

How they describe their product/innovation: The patented Tranwall system offers card holders and issuers the ability to control the status of debit and credit cards real time. Tranwall also offers second factor authentication to internet banking services using any mobile phone. The Tranwall systems offers fine grained control, at transaction level, over the approval of card transactions. The Tranwall platform is customizable, allowing for a variety of permissions to be defined and implemented.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through other fintech companies and platforms, licensed

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