FinovateFall 2015 / ThetaRay

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: ThetaRay is a leading provider of a big data analytics platform and solutions for advanced cyber security, operational efficiency, and risk detection, protecting financial services sectors and critical infrastructure against unknown threats. ThetaRay’s core technology is based on state of the art algorithms, which power its proprietary Hyper-Dimensional, Multi-Domain, Big Data Analytics platform. Organizations whose operations rely on highly heterogeneous and complex environments leverage ThetaRay’s unmatched detection and low false positive rates as a see-all power that enables them to unify detection and defeat the unknown.

How they describe their product/innovation: Unmatched anomaly detection rates delivering usable indicators to increase efficiency and accuracy; Industry-low false positive rates allowing organizations to focus their experts on the events that count; Rule-free, unsupervised, non-heuristic protection against next generation attacks and predicting the unexpected; Math-based, big-data analytics ensuring organizations achieve quantitative results they can trust; Automatic, real-time detection to instantly transform data into business insights; Easy and fast deployment that is always up-to-date, retaining the relevance and competitive advantage of organizations’ data

Product distribution strategy: B2B, via financial institutions, and other fintech companies


Bus. Dev.: Lior Moyal, VP Marketing & Bus. Dev.,
Press: Mark Prindle, Fusion PR,
Sales: Shay Dovey, VP Sales,

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