FinovateFall 2015 / Crowdability

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How they describe themselves: Due to new legislation known as The JOBS Act, for the first time since 1933, every U.S. citizen can now invest in private equity transactions. That’s 100M investors who control $30T in investable assets.

Individuals are being lured by the high potential returns—but with little experience in these markets, they’re putting themselves at financial risk.

Crowdability aims to protect these investors. It plans to become the trusted source for independent analysis and advice for this new market. Essentially, what Morningstar has done for mutual funds, Crowdability aims to do for private equity.

How they describe their product/innovation: CrowdabilityIQ is the world’s first independent “stock screener” for early-stage private companies. It provides subscribers with a way to quickly identify the most promising Private Market investments.

Each day, the CrowdabilityIQ software automatically gathers and analyzes data about new start-ups that are raising capital on various funding platforms. After collecting data from the platforms and other online sources, CrowdabilityIQ prepares an easy-to-understand 10-15 page research report on each investment opportunity, including a number of proprietary metrics and data points.

Investors can use the CrowdabilityIQ interface to rapidly filter and surface reports and opportunities that are most suitable for their investment objectives.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C)


Bus. Dev. & Press: Wayne Mulligan, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,

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