FinovateFall 2015 / Ldger

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How they describe themselves: Marketplace lending and other modern lending processes have transformed the credit origination process from a laborious, paper-intensive exercise into an elegant platform-driven endeavor supported by rich real-time data and powerful APIs. The corresponding efficiency gains have been remarkable, driving down the cost and time to fund an ever expanding variety of credit products.

But this rapid innovation at the origination stage has not been accompanied by corresponding improvements in the flow of these products through capital markets transactions such as securitizations, which remain as cumbersome as for traditional credit, thereby failing to fully embrace the opportunity enabled by improved origination.

How they describe their product/innovation: To address this gap in the innovation cycle, Ldger has built a powerful and flexible structuring and cash flow automation platform that permits investors in and originators of marketplace-originated credit to build and market customized tranches of risk exposure against marketplace credit cashflows.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms

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