FinovateFall 2015 / Ethoca

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How they describe themselves: Ethoca provides collaboration-based technology solutions that close the information gap between card issuers and ecommerce merchants. Powered by our unique network, Ethoca solutions help global customers increase card acceptance, stop fraud, recover lost revenue, and eliminate chargebacks. We serve 30 card issuers worldwide, including seven of the top nine U.S. card issuers and two of the top five UK card issuers, as well as 2,100+ ecommerce merchants.

How they describe their product/innovation: Ethoca Alerts is an award winning service used by thousands of ecommerce merchants and online businesses to stop fraud, eliminate chargebacks, and increase acceptance. Leveraging Ethoca’s global collaboration network, it provides the industry’s largest source of cardholder confirmed fraud and customer dispute data, direct from the card issuer source. Ethoca Alerts arrive in near real time rather than weeks later through the normal chargeback process. Merchants now have advance notification of impending chargebacks and can take immediate action to stop them at the source, eliminating unnecessary costs and poor customer experience.


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