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How they describe themselves: We make a financial institution’s mobile and online-based financial services related to consumer checking relationships perform better in two ways. First, we improve the financial productivity (fee income, overall relationship profitability, retention and customer growth). Second, we enhance these financial services by providing in-demand consumer benefits that are so relevant to customers, they gladly pay a fee to have them. Our solutions have generated nearly $500M in customer-friendly (non-overdraft related) fee income and grown and retained billions in checking and relationship deposits.

How they describe their product/innovation: Every financial institution needs more fee income. The challenge is how to get more without ticking off customers. Thoughtlessly slapping a new fee on an existing traditional service isn’t the answer (remember the $5 debit card fee debacle). BaZing, through its mobile and online delivery platforms, smartly provides consumer-demanded benefits so relevant and appealing, customers gladly pay for it. How much? On average, about one-third of your consumer checking relationships will pay nearly $75 per year. BaZing brings customer-friendly, non-overdraft related fee income like no other retail banking service. BaZing is the new cha-ching!

Product Distribution Strategy: Through financial institutions & through other fintech companies and platforms


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