FinovateFall 2013 / BizEquity

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How they describe themselves: BizEquity is the creator of the “Valuation-as-a-Service” or VaaS™ business valuation cloud for all private companies and their financial advisors.  The BizEquity system generates a full 17 page customized Business Valuation and Performance report in real-time for 1/30th the cost of offline methods. The BizEquity Business Report provides essential business valuation figures as well as industrial comparison of 40 key performance metrics across 17M active businesses.  BizEquity has democratized the business valuation market.

How they describe their product/innovation: There are more than 28M business owners in the US – 75% don’t know what they are worth and 50% are under-insured. The market for business valuation is a $2.8B dollar market, with 99.7% being conducted offline at $8,000 per report and taking up to 6 weeks.  BizEquity has revolutionized the market by putting it online helping to enable more businesses to discover-manage-and optimize their value. BizEquity helps every financial institution help business owners better understand their value and what they can do to better protect themselves.

Product Distribution Strategy: Direct to Businesses online at and indirect via the channel and private label agreements with leading financial and data institutions.


Bus. Dev., Press, & Sales: Michael M. Carter, CEO & Founder, 415-341-2728

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