FinovateEurope 2017 / Veridium

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Veridium is a biometric authentication software company. We offer an end-to-end platform that includes an SDK to embed biometrics into an enterprise’s mobile app and a back-end server that provides analytics and reporting tools. Multiple biometrics (face, Touch ID, 4 Fingers TouchlessID) can be plugged into the SDK for the convenience and security of the end user. Veridium has built solutions for mobile banking, mobile payments, Active Directory, Virtual Private Networks and Single Sign On. Our target markets are the Global 2000 with an emphasis on financial services and healthcare.

How they describe their product/innovation: 4 Fingers TouchlessID is a significantly more reliable biometric than other mobile-based solutions. Since it captures all four fingerprints at once this increases the complexity of the data collected, making it harder to spoof. Matching can happen on the server or mobile device (making it FIDO compliant). In addition, Biometric data can be stored on the phone, the server or distributed between the two using Visual Cryptography. This method encrypts the vector randomly into separate pieces and avoids creating a key like other encryption methods. Used in conjunction with 4 Fingers, it’s one of the most reliable, flexible, and secure solutions on the market.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), licensed


Bus. Dev.: James Stickland, CEO,
Press: Lori Cohen, CMO,
Sales: Vince Endres, EVP Sales,

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