FinovateEurope 2017 / aixigo

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How they describe themselves: aixigo is about technology for personal investments. We believe this business is facing a crucial change. Due to fierce regulations, low-interest rates and rapidly evolving customer expectations the highly attractive personal investment business is due for a revolution through digitalisation. Game changing institutions will industrialize the manufactured wealth management turning it into a mass retail service with a 1:1 product-to-customer individuality. aixigo delivers the infrastructure, a high performance portfolio management set of APIs, capable of handling millions of customers in milliseconds using transaction based technology, for composing, monitoring, rebalancing, ordering and reporting of an individual portfolio.

How they describe their product/innovation: aixigo’s groundbreaking next-level portfolio management APIs deliver the impossible. They contain all the complex functionalities to cover every aspect of a digital wealth management offer (e.g. performance measuring, risk monitoring, rebalancing) and they’re able to highly efficiently serve millions of portfolios. Even a very large portfolio (>30,000 transactions, 10yr history) can be analysed in milliseconds. To prove we master the ultimate challenge: a live communication regarding an investment portfolio – with a standard voice user interface using the aixigo portfolio management APIs to calculate actual insights more accurately and much faster than any system has ever done before. Finovate2017 – restart your investment business.

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Bus. Dev.: Mario Alves, Director Sales & Marketing,, +49 241 559 709 20
Press: Christian Neuenhaus, Mktg & PR Mgr,, +49 241 559 709 28
Sales: Ralf Steinhauer, Sales Manager,, +49 241 559 709 23

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