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HQ Location:
Austin, Texas
Company Founded: December 2004
Product Being Demoed: Kasasa
Product Launched: May 2009
Metrics: $21.9 million revenue, 4,645% three-year growth, 164 employees, 625 community bank and credit union partners

Presenter Profile How they describe themselves: BancVue is the leading provider of innovative products, marketing, and consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide. Kasasa is a national brand of superior products that gives community financial institutions the marketing scale they need to compete with the megabanks.

Kasasa is designed to unite community financial institutions around a powerful brand of products that give consumers something they actually want combined with the personal service of the finest neighborhood institutions. Kasasa also delivers marketing presence and scale by aggregating the marketing dollars from participating community financial institutions, and creating comprehensive, integrated, and entirely localized marketing plans for each institution.

What they think makes them better: Kasasa is the first national brand of deposit accounts for community financial institutions, delivering a powerful and unified message to consumers. Through intensive consumer research, BancVue learned that consumers believed they could only get good products and indifferent service from megabanks or good service and average products from community financial institutions. Kasasa gives consumers a reason to believe they can get both superior products and personal service. By aggregating marketing dollars and creating an integrated marketing campaign, Kasasa offers marketing support that exceeds the typical megabank’s high-budget program and truly empowers community financial institutions to compete with a national brand.

Executives: Gabriel Krajicek (CEO of BancVue), John Waupsh (CEO of FIRST ROI), Don Shafer (Chairman), Susan Sierota (CMO), Shawn Chapman (CTO)

Customers: BancVue provides services to more than 625 community banks and credit unions nationwide. BancVue began a pilot of Kasasa in May 2009 with 11 community financial institutions, each reporting positive results.

Partnerships: Independent Community Bankers of America

Biz Dev: Gabriel Krajicek, 512-418-9590,
Sales: Jim Quinn, EVP Chief Sales Officer, 512-349-4123,
Press: Dan Mahoney, CSG PR, 970-405-8060,

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