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How they describe themselves: Founded by consumer advocates and credit experts, helps people make smarter financial decisions by providing free interactive tools, education, and unbiased comparisons of quality financial products and services. Credit affects many fundamental aspects of our lives. However, an estimated 125 million Americans can’t accurately estimate their credit scores within 50 points – often the difference between getting approved or denied for a loan or apartment.’s mission is to change that by providing consumers with valuable tools and information that allow them to effectively manage their credit portfolio with as much attention and care as their investment portfolio.

What they think makes them better:’s team of experts built the Credit Report Card to give consumers a completely free, unbiased, and actionable view of their credit reports, and to illustrate how their scores map to the leading credit scoring models used by lenders. It clearly shows consumers how creditors, landlords and others view them according to the five main areas that make up their credit profiles. As part of our mission to increase financial literacy, we syndicate custom versions of our credit and finance tools, widgets, news, and products to select partners who share our vision that an educated consumer is the best customer.


Biz Dev: Rory Holland, CMO, 415-901-1559, or Ian Cohen, COO, 415-901-1566,
Press: Tony Berlin, Director of Media Relations, 212-317-9179,

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