FinovateFall 2009 / Home Account

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How they describe themselves: Home Account is changing how Americans find their mortgages–the same way changed the way to find flights. Home Account simply guarantees the lowest mortgage rate and term a homeowner can qualify for. Home Account’s ‘Homeowner Protection-Price & Promise’ approach is simple.

  • Advanced analytics and credit reporting models provide the counsel that a superb mortgage broker would provide, without the costs and fees.
  • Pre-qualified lenders submit their ‘best deal’ into Home Account’s system which insures best pricing.
  • Homeowners pay $50 to use the service and get ongoing help and support. This qualifies the homeowner and insures the lender that the homeowner is serious about closing their loan.

What they think makes them better: Home Account presents the first viable alternative to lenders and publishers to traditional lead gen and lead gen providers including Lending Tree, Bankrate and Lower My Bills. Instead of forcing homeowners to trust inbound brokers and lenders calling them…homeowners get a simple lowest price and fast rate lock guarantee complete with an industry- best of breed mortgage counseling service.


Biz Dev: Mark H Goldstein, CEO,
Sales: Jack Pritchard, Dir. of Lender Relations,
Press: Missy Cavin, Dir. of Marketing,

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