FinovateFall 2009 / MShift

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: In 2009, The Mobile Internet is prevalent in the United States. With over 200 Banks and Credit Unions in America using MShift technologies as the prime basis to deploy their mobile banking applications, MShift is the undisputed leader in the mobile banking sector. MShift technology has international reach: tested and vetted in Japan, MShift deployments, in banking as well as other verticals, have spanned the globe. Carrier Independent, Device Independent, MShift technology converts data on the fly for delivery and dynamic configuration on iPhones, Blackberries, Android smartphones, as well as over 20,000 unique types of handsets across the globe.

What they think makes them better:

  • Patented Technology: In 2005, MShift received USPTO approval for its process of automatic conversion of data from the web and other data sources, for configuration and delivery on mobile internet devices.
  • Expedited Development Cycle: MShift deployment cycle is measured in days and weeks, vs. competitors which discuss their time lines in months and quarters.
  • MShift’s has designed its pricing structure to promote adoption: They earn revenues from active use, and cover their costs in installation & development fees.
  • All mobile delivery channels supported in a single price structure: MShift mobile banking incorporates Mobile Browser, SMS, and downloadable applications
  • History of accomplishment: MShift has current customers leading back to 2001, and its technology has been tested and vetted in Asian markets which demand the highest quality control in order to compete and succeed.


Biz Dev: Jacqueline Snell,, 408-775-5270 & Jeffrey Chen,,
Sales:Jacqueline Snell,, 408-775-5270
Press: Catherine Ptak,, 612-605-6233

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