FinovateFall 2009 / Silver Tail Systems

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How they describe themselves: Silver Tail provides an online fraud detection platform for detecting, investigating, and preventing all types of fraud techniques. We protect against the fraud techniques that some systems can detect today but also new fraud techniques such as Business Logic Abuse including Man in the Browser, Man in the Middle, mass registration of accounts, scraping of check images, etc. Silver Tail has two product offerings. Forensics detects emerging threats on a website and allows for the efficient investigation of those threats. Mitigation diverts the bad behavior in real-time without requiring engineering resources.

What they think makes them better: Silver Tail’s products are different from the competition in two ways. First, other vendors protect a limited number of website functions while Silver Tail protects all website functions. Second, Silver Tail goes beyond signatures to find new threats as they emerge. Because of the architecture of signature-based systems, they are not able to detect Business Logic Abuse. Bad actors are increasingly skilled at beating traditional anti-fraud systems. Therefore, it’s key that websites protect all functions of the website and go beyond the deep analysis of traditional systems by looking more broadly at overall site traffic to identify emerging fraudulent events.


Biz Dev & Sales: Paul McGowan,, 650-649-0122
Press: Laura Mather,, 650-649-0121

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