FinovateFall 2009 / People Capital

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: People Capital is a student loan marketplace addressing the $115 billion annual education funding gap in the US, by leveraging innovations in credit risk and loan origination. With our proprietary Human Capital Score, lenders have a risk management tool that underwrites a student based on merit and projected income. With our peer lending platform, we originate student loans with fractional lender participation helping them diversify risk. We utilize automatic or manual portfolio screening for lenders to better carve up the borrower base. Additionally our loan bid auction method can lower interest rates for borrowers as well.

What they think makes them better: Unlike other student or consumer lenders, we offer innovative risk management and cutting edge risk diversification. The Human Capital Score changes the way we manage student credit risk, by analyzing the student’s ability to service debt, rather than the nominal need for tuition. The peer lending platform opens the doors for origination, in an industry that has lagged innovation for many years. The platform allows lenders to screen borrowers by university, major, region, HCS Score, etc and they can fractionally participate in loans, thus diversifying risk.


Biz Dev: Jacques Tohme, VP – Corporate Development, 212-401-1216 x38;
Sales: Amie Dorman, VP – Business Development, 917-528-0139;
Press: Alan Samuels, CPO, 212-401-1216 x11

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