Fintech Fundings: 26 Companies Raised $270 Million Week Ending May 6

Money_circuitSecond quarter’s funding pace remained strong with 26 companies raising $267 million ($55 million of that was debt) the first week of May. The deals were widely dispersed around the world, with only 4 of the 26 companies hanging their shingles in California (although those four did account for half the dollar value).

The total number of deals YTD stands at 464, nearly double last year’s 252. Total dollars raised YTD is now $14.3 billion, more than twice the $6.6 billion raised during the same period a year ago.

Two Finovate alums scored big rounds:


Fintech deals by size from 30 April to 6 May 2016:

Commercial real estate leasing & asset management platform
Latest round: $55 million Series C
Total raised: $87.7 million
HQ: New York City
Tags: SMB, enterprise, commerical real estate, commerical mortgage, asset management
Source: Crunchbase

Mobile wallet
Latest round: $50 million Series C
Total raised: $86.9 million
HQ: Gurgaon, India
Tags: Consumer, payments, banking, mobile, telecom top-ups, mobile
Source: Crunchbase

Digital banking company
Latest round: $40 million Debt (Silcon Valley Bank)
Total raised: $125.8 million (includes $85 million Debt)
HQ: San Jose, California
Tags: SMB, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, billing, payments, invoicing
Source: Crunchbase

Varo Money
Digital bank
Latest round: $27.4 million Private Equity
Total raised: $27.4 million
HQ: San Francisco, California
Tags: Consumer, deposits, payments, debit card, banking, mobile
Source: Crunchbase, WSJ

Payments technology
Latest round: $24 million
Total raised: $40.5 million
HQ: Kefar Sava, Israel
Tags: SMB, payments, mobile, merchants, acquiring, security, credit/debit cards, Finovate alum
Source: Finovate

Net Element
Mobile payments
Latest round: $20 million Post-IPO Equity ($5 mil) and Debt ($15 mil)
Total raised: Unknown (NASDAQ: NETE)
HQ: Miami, Florida
Tags: Consumer, payments, brands: TOT Group, Unified Payments, Aptito, TOT Money
Source: Crunchbase

Digital banking company
Latest round: $15 million
Total raised: $46.6 million
HQ: London, England, UK
Tags: Consumer, payments, peer-to-peer P2P funds transfers, remittances, FX, Rakuten (investor), Finovate alum
Source: Finovate

Online bookkeeping service
Latest round: $15 million
Total raised: $54.5 million
HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Tags: SMB, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, billing, payments, invoicing, omni-channel
Source: Crunchbase

Payments for transportation & parking
Latest round: $8 million Series B
Total raised: $15.54 million
HQ: Charlotte, North Carolina
Tags: Enterprise, SMB, payments, mobile
Source: Crunchbase

Marketplace lender
Latest round: $3.7 million Seed
Total raised: $3.7 million
HQ: New York City
Tags: Consumer, advisors, SMB, lending, credit, underwriting, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer loan marketplace, investing, P2P
Source: Crunchbase

Love Will Inc.
Blockchain-based financial applications
Latest round: $2.51 million
Total raised: $2.61 million
HQ: St. Louis, Missouri
Tags: Consumer, payments, blockchain, crypto-currency, bitcoin, peer-to-peer funds transfers, remittances
Source: Crunchbase

Purchase protection tool for cardholders
Latest round: $1.2 million Seed
Total raised: $1.2 million
HQ: Santa Monica, California
Tags: Consumer, lending, credit, underwriting, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer loan marketplace, investing, P2P
Source: Crunchbase

Invoice analytics
Latest round: $1.1 million
Total raised: $1.47 million
HQ: Dublin, Ireland
Tags: SMB, accounting, accounts receivables, billpay, analytics, machine learning
Source: Crunchbase

T2P (iBaht)
Prepaid debit card
Latest round: $1.1 million
Total raised: $1.1 million
HQ: Bangkok, Thailand
Tags: Consumer, payments, debit cards, prepaid
Source: Crunchbase

Personal finance portal
Latest round: $550,000
Total raised: $550,000
HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark
Tags: Consumer, price comparisons, insurance, mortgage, banking, lead gen, discovery, quotes
Source: Crunchbase

Dynamis Software
Sales tools for health insurance brokers
Latest round: $520,000
Total raised: $2.62 million
HQ: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tags: SMB, enterprise, healthcare, health insurance, CDHC plans, sales, marketing
Source: FT Partners
Banking & wealth management platform
Latest round: $500,000 Seed
Total raised: $500,000
HQ: India
Accelerator: Kstart
Tags: Banks, advisors, banking, wealth management, investing
Source: Crunchbase

Payments plan for emergency health services
Latest round: $500,000 Seed
Total raised: $500,000
HQ: New Delhi, India
Accelerator: Kstart
Tags: Healthcare providers, payments, credit, short-term loans, payments plans, underwriting
Source: Crunchbase

Blockchain-based loyalty wallet
Latest round: $250,000 Seed
Total raised: $250,000
HQ: Glarus, Switzerland
Tags: Enterprise (B2B2C), payments, loyalty, debit/credit cards, rewards, blockchain, crypto-currency
Source: Crunchbase

PFITR (Public Funds Investment Tracking and Report)
Porftfolio management for institutional investors
Latest round: $200,000 Convertible Note
Total raised: $1.02 million
HQ: St. Louis, Missouri
Accelerator: VC Fintech Accelerator (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Tags: Investing
Source: Crunchbase

Payment services in the construction industry
Latest round: $200,000 Convertible Note
Total raised: $200,000
HQ: Tenafly, New Jersey
Tags: SMB, payments, logistics, merchants
Source: Crunchbase

Latest round: $58,000 Seed
Total raised: $58,000
HQ: Marbella, Spain
Tags: Consumer, payments, content
Source: Crunchbase

Payments provider for digital services
Latest round: Not disclosed Seed
Total raised: $2.55 million
HQ: Santa Monica, California
Tags: SMB, merchants, payments, point-of-sale, mobile, credit/debit card aquiring
Source: Crunchbase

EPG (Easy Payment Gateway)
Payment management 
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total raised: $1.8 million
HQ: Gibraltar
Tags: SMB, merchants, payments, point-of-sale, mobile, credit/debit card aquiring
Source: Crunchbase

Hishab Ltd. 
Voice-based mobile POS
Latest round: Not disclosed
Total raised: Unknown
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Tags: SMB, merchants, payments, point-of-sale, mobile, credit/debit card aquiring
Source: Crunchbase

Payment platform
Latest round: Not disclosed
Total raised: Unkonwn
HQ: Aarhus, Denmark
Tags: SMB, merchants, payments, point-of-sale, mobile, credit/debit card aquiring mobile, APIs, developers
Source: Crunchbase

Ormsby Street Partners with Deutsche Bank to Launch CreditHQ in Germany


London-based Ormsby Street is bringing its credit checking tool for SMEs to Germany. The fintech startup will partner with Deutsche Bank, who make the solution available to its small business customers. The move into Germany is part of a larger expansion for Ormsby Street; the company plans to enter markets in the U.S., Australia, Poland, and other European markets within a year.

Ormsby Street managing director Martin Campbell pointed to the problem of “late payment culture,” which he called a major problem impacting cash-flow for German small businesses. “There is a growing need in Germany for an easy way to checking the credit status and payment performance of customers and CreditHQ meets that requirement head-on,” Campbell said.


Pictured: Ormsby Street Managing Director Martin Campbell demonstrating CreditHQ at FinovateSpring 2016 in San Jose.

“There are three things that are needed for a business to run optimal cash flow,” Campbell explained from the Finovate stage earlier this year. “Good data about customers and their financial health, insight and understanding to know what to do with that data and how to recognize problems, and finally the tools to act effectively when those problem arise.”

This is where CreditHQ comes in, helping small businesses manage their cash flow and credit risk. The solution pulls data from credit reference agencies and displays this information to the business with a simple “traffic light” type of indicator that makes it easy to recognize which companies are most likely to pay invoices promptly and which are not. And when integrated with the company’s accounting software, CreditHQ’s Risk Management feature takes raw data and provides a graphic overview of which invoices are the most problematic (i.e., most expensive, the most overdue, or the greatest credit risk). Further, CreditHQ makes it easy for the business owner to take action. Emails and letters can be sent directly from the CreditHQ platform, and business owners can even set up a fully-automated CreditHQ debt collection process.

Campbell said that small business failure rates for companies using CreditHQ drop by 30%. “If you’re a bank and you’re looking at your small business failure rate, just imagine what impact a 30% reduction of that failure rate would have on your bottom line,” he said. Moreover, Campbell added that the technology also helps build relationships between banks and their small business partners, including giving the bank insight into potential financing needs of the small business. “At the point when a customer becomes aware that they may need invoice financing, or an overdraft, or a particular kind of insurance,” Campbell explained, “the bank can be right there, can put that offer right in front of the customer, and can generate the lead directly back to a telephone or in-branch team who can then use that data to engage with their customers.”

Headquartered in London and founded in 2014, Ormsby Street demonstrated CreditHQ at FinovateSpring 2016. The company has a staff of 14, forecast 2016 revenues of more than £2 million, and 27,000 users. Ormsby Street was a finalist at the Vendor Excellence Awards in 2015, the CreditToday Awards 2015, and was recognized as one of 100 best startups of the year 2015.

TWINO’s First Year: 2,500 Investors Fund $24.6 Million in Loans


European marketplace lending startup TWINO is turning one year old today and has some impressive metrics to celebrate its first birthday.

Since launch, $24.6 million in loans have been funded through the Latvia-based company’s platform, which boasts a 13.92% average rate of return. TWINO has paid out $363,000 in interest to its community of investors, which currently totals 2,500 active users based in 29 countries.

TWINO debuted its marketplace that offers investors access to unsecured consumer loans from Denmark, Poland, and Georgia at FinovateEurope 2016 in London. The company differentiates its platform by promising to buy back the principal and interest of a loan if it is delinquent for 30 days or more.

TWINO released the following infographic detailing the metrics of its year one successes:


Trustly Goes Live with P2P Payments at Avanza Bank


Here in the United States we’re still dreaming about bank settlements that occur a few times each business day. In Sweden, however, this is already a reality and customers want transfers to be even faster.

That’s why Stockholm-based Trustly announced today it has partnered with Avanza Bank. With the Trustly integration, bank-to-bank transfers occur in seconds and, as Avanza CEO Martin Tivéus explains, “even in the evenings and on weekends when the ordinary clearing system is closed.”

The agreement went live in December 2015 to offer the bank’s 500,000+ customers real time direct deposits over the web. Since then, Trustly has facilitated 115,000 transfers worth $240 million (2 billion Swedish Krona). Last month the bank added mobile capability and today almost 20% of Avanza’s deposits are made using Trustly. The average time for money transfers has reduced from 14,000 seconds to 10 seconds.

Founded in 2008, Trustly launched an alternative ecommerce payments solution at FinovateEurope 2013. In the demo COO Carl-Henrik Somp demonstrates how the company facilitates payments over Sweden’s largest marketplace,

Finovate Alumni News


  • Trustly Goes Live with P2P Payments at Avanza Bank.
  • TWINO’s First Year: 2,500 Investors Fund $24.6 Million in Loans.
  • Ormsby Street Partners with Deutsche Bank to Launch CreditHQ in Germany.


  • Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder: Blockchain Unveils Off-Chain Bitcoin Payments Network.

Around the web:

  • Version 6.0 of PayPal app discontinues support for Amazon Fire, Windows, and Blackberry phones.
  • Neyber selects Cloud Lending Solutions for loan automation.
  • Mircea Mihaescu’s blog features Moven.
  • SafetyPay partners with online travel agency ViajaNet.
  • Santander to build international payments app using blockchain technology from Ripple.
  • Technology from Cachet Financial Solutions to power mobile deposit solution for LCNB National Bank.
  • Credit Suisse chooses FIS Derivatives Utility for post-trade futures and cleared OTC derivatives operations and technology.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Presenter Application Deadline for FinDEVr Silicon Valley — Apply Now!


Summer is on the way, but FinDEVr is already feeling the heat. With the first deadline two days away, we’re receiving presenter applications from dozens of awesome organizations, confirming this will be our most competitive selection process yet. Interested in joining the fray? Read on.

FinDEVr is the only conference focused on the technology side of fintech. Its mission is to serve the financial services developer community. Showcasing the latest tools, technologies, APIs, platforms, case studies and tutorials, we help CTOs, developers, software architects, UX designers, engineers, product managers and other technologists create the next wave of fintech innovation.

For presenters, FinDEVr is a powerful platform to:

  • Drive product adoption of APIs/platforms/SDKs
  • Showcase new technology and the inspiration behind it
  • Establish technical leadership of the industry while educating the market
  • Garner press recognition and gather feedback on innovations

We’re now accepting applications for our 3rd annual West Coast event — FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016. Last year the event attracted nearly 600, and we’re expecting many more this year. The early application deadline is Friday, May 27.

As a first step, please email and we’ll send you a presenter packet with content criteria, the presenter package, costs, deadlines, and a link to online application. Once you’re ready to move forward, submit the online application. We’ll review them later this summer and be in touch in July. Hope to see you apply!


FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 is sponsored by The Bancorp

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A Double-Edged Sword: Prosper Increases Rates to Attract Lenders


Peer-to-peer lending platforms serve two masters. Prosper, one of the largest, made an announcement today that favors one over the other.

The San Francisco-based company raised borrower rates in an effort to attract investors amid waning confidence in the industry. Rates have increased by a weighted average of 0.29% and only impact borrowers with a Prosper rating of C or below.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Prosper had to slow its lending volume by 12% earlier this year due to lack of lender funds. Today’s move is an effort to maintain the critical balance. “The rate increase demonstrates our commitment to operating a marketplace that balances the economic incentives for both our borrower and investor communities,” states Brad Pennington, the company’s Chief Risk Officer.

This marks the second time this year Prosper raised rates (after raising them 142 basis points in February) and is stated to be in an effort to keep up with the Fed, who is anticipated to raise rates next month, and to match the “risk-reward tradeoff of investing in newly originated loans.”

It has been a rough quarter for the marketplace lending industry and for Prosper in particular. The company lost a securitization deal with Citigroup in April and cut 28% of its staff earlier this month.* That said, Prosper has had recent successes too. In March the lending platform teamed up with HomeAdvisor to improve access to home improvement financing and bolstered its consumer-facing mobile app to appeal to rejected borrowers.

Prosper presented at FinovateSpring 2009 as well as the inaugural Finovate in 2007.

* The layoff is not as dramatic as it might seem. Prosper doubled its workforce in 2015 after acquiring BillGuard.

Mitek and Avoka Team Up to Provide New Mobile Onboarding Solution


A new partnership will integrate Mobile Fill from Mitek with the digital sales platform, Transact, from Avoka. The goal is to make it easier for financial institutions to acquire new customers, originate loans, and onboard customers.

Calling Mitek a “perfect fit” for its strategy to improve its sales platform, Avoka Chief Experience Officer, Derek Corcoran said that license capture was a “huge step” in the direction of reducing friction during the account opening process. Mitek chairman and CEO James B. DeBello added that the solution is being introduced by a “top 10 global bank” for retail account opening. “The pre-built integration will make it easy for this and other financial institutions to quickly deploy a comprehensive account opening solution that will exceed customers’ expectations for a simple, easy to use, mobile onboarding experience,” DeBello said.


Recent headlines for Avoka include providing Beyond Bank with the customer-engagement platform that enabled it to win the Celent Model Bank Award for 2016, and an April partnership with eSignLive that gives financial services companies the ability to completely digitize the customer acquisition process. The company was named one of the top ten fintech companies worldwide by KPMG in February, and was featured by bobsguide in its “Australian fintech startups to watch” in January.  Founded in Broomfield, Colorado in 2002, Avoka demonstrated its Transaction Effort Score (TES) solution this February at FinovateEurope 2016, and at FinDEVr 2016 in New York, discussed its Transact platform in a presentation, “Agile Design for Customer Acquisition.”  Philip Copeland is CEO.

Mitek was last on the Finovate stage in May for FinovateSpring 2016 where they demoed Mobile Verify. The company added former Emotient SVP of engineering and research Stephen Ritter at its new CTO in March, and announced a partnership with Harland Clarke to improve remote deposit capture security in January. In addition to Finovate, Mitek demoed its technology at FinDEVr 2015 in a presentation called “Amazing Mobile Capture Experiences, Made Easy by Mitek.”

Dashlane’s $22.5 Million in New Funding Comes with a Strategic Partner


Password management company Dashlane closed on $22.5 million in a round led by TransUnion, who has joined the company as a strategic partner. Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, and Rho Ventures also contributed to today’s round, which brings Dashlane’s total funding to $52.5 million since its 2009 launch. CEO Emmanuel Schalit comments on the milestone:

“This new round of funding, combined with the strategic relationship with TransUnion, will strengthen our ability to achieve this vision by giving us the capital to accelerate our roadmap, as well as the ability to further integrate new powerful services for our users.”

The strategic partnership with TransUnion comes at a time when consumers are at an increasingly high risk for account breaches. Together with TransUnion, Dashlane will create integrated services focused on credit monitoring, identity and fraud protection, credit information, and breaches. Additionally, Dashlane will use TransUnion as a channel partner to expand its distribution across the globe.

President of TransUnion Consumer Interactive, John Danaher, states, “We feel TransUnion, with its vast array of credit and identity protection services and its global consumer reach, can help accelerate Dashlane’s growth even further.” Danaher will join Dashlane’s advisory board along with Carl Pascarella, former CEO of Visa.

Dashlane, which presented at FinovateEurope 2013, has focused primarily on the direct-to-consumer market, helping more than 5 million consumers in 150 countries manage their identities. However, the company has recently broadened its focus to partner with banks. The New York-based company is currently working with the largest bank in Mexico, Banamex, and will announce more partnerships with large banks and payment networks this year.

TransUnion took the stage at FinovateSpring 2010 to demo ZenDough, an interactive tool that displays an organization’s finances and credit scores in an easy-to-read visual.

FinDEVr APIntelligence

FinDEVrSV16-LogoV2(wdate)Our FinDEVr New York developer showcase last week was a success! FinDEVr Silicon Valley will be held October 18 & 19 in Santa Clara. Register today and save.

Developer news:

  • Magic Leap to give 10 Twilio devs early access to its SDK.


  • Fintech Developers, Lock in Presale Savings for FinDEVr Silicon Valley.

The latest from FinDEVr New York 2016 presenters:

  • OnDeck adds to credit offerings available to Canadian small businesses.
  • Markit unveils compliance solution to help meet new FRTB, market risk capital requirements.

Alumni updates:

  • Trulioo’s GlobalGateway Available in BRIC Countries.
  • Kabbage Reaches $2 Billion in Loans in 5 Years.
  • TechCrunch column on APIs features Plaid, and Twilio.
  • CardFlight Adds Global Payments as EMV Processor.
  • New Investment for Personal Capital Takes Valuation to $500 Million.

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