Twitter Talk from FinDEVr 2017 New York

Twitterlogo_lightblueFinDEVr New York may be done. But with FinDEVr London only a few months away, we’re already looking forward to seeing what the international developer community is doing to drive innovation in financial technology.

This year in New York, our two-day developers conference took user experience to new levels – and we’re not just talking about the state-of-the-art virtual reality sessions available for sampling at our FinDEVr Gaming Zone, either. Our partnership with Slido enabled us to bring the wisdom and curiousity of the crowd to life with a digital, Q&A display that kept everyone in the conversation. And, of course, Twitter continues to be one of our favorite ways to hear from our attending audience on what’s hot, what’s cool, and sometimes simply what’s what.


To celebrate our appreciation for our Tweeting developer community at FinDEVr, we offered a pair of awards: Most Active Tweeter and Best Use of #FinDEVr. Our top tweeters were awarded one of a number of prizes such as a miniature drone or a Chromecast – as well as the admiration of their fellow FinDEVr fans on social media.

Now let’s relive a little of that social media magic from FinDEVr 2017 New York.



















We hope you had as much fun at FinDEVr New York as we did. And if our New York event only whetted your appetite for the tech side of fintech, remember that the debut of our developers conference in London is right around the corner in June. Visit our FinDEVr London page to get an early look at the growing line-up of presenting companies.

Finovate Alumni News


  • Twitter Talk from FinDEVr 2017 New York.

Around the web

  • FinDEVr New York newcomer Fiserv announces enhancements to its real-time, loan servicing solution, LoanServ.
  • Credit Donkey lists StockTwits, TradeKing, SigFig, DriveWealth, and Personal Capital among its Best Investing Apps of 2017.
  • Swiss financial sector infrastructure operator SIX partners with IBM Watson to build cyber-security hub. Video of IBM’s FinDEVr 2017 New York presentation last week will available soon in our video archives.
  • looks at speculation that Kabbage may acquire OnDeck.

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Women in FinTech: An interview with Samina Rizwan

Samina Rizwan

This article was first published on FinTech Futures on 22 March 2017. 

Throughout the year we will be profiling women in FinTech, not simply to celebrate their success but also to hear what has worked for them during the course of their careers. This week, Samina Rizwan, Enterprise Architect, Habib Bank Ltd tells us about her path into FinTech and how she has become a distinguished leader within the industry, making a positive impact in the financial services industry. In 2016, Samina was shortlisted for the Woman In Technology (W.I.T) Award with Banking Technology.

How did you start your career?

I started my career 1995, as a Computer Systems Engineer working for a PCB manufacturing company in San Jose. Being a professional engineer, I was excited about the challenges I used to face each day when I routed and designed multi-layered circuit boards in those days where technology was in its midway especially in a country like mine. Yet it was far from sight as to when that type of technology would become common and a career path for engineers in Pakistan. I then switched to the software technology soon after realizing these facts and proceeded with software development further growing into the project management regime and remained as a vendor for another eight years.

I joined the financial industry after 10 years of my career where I started working as customer rather than a vendor and that really change the way I thought about technology, as I was the end user of it. Being a banking technology person, the need of satisfying the bank’s customers became a pressing need of the day. I was engaged in the IT Portfolio Management at the bank working with internal and external customer and also turned the technology back end to offer more innovative financial products.

“I always believe in ‘change for good’.”

What sparked your interest in FinTech?

The Fintech Rise. As the financial world is shrinking and becoming more personal to customers based on their requirements, lifestyle trends, socio-economical changes around the globe has limited the financial institutions to cover the demand and supply cycle of all the customers at an equal and consistent level. Hence the rise of FinTechs gaining momentum and disrupting the financial industry by their financial inclusion in everyone’s life.

What was your lightbulb moment?

In developing countries like mine, the FinTechs have played a vital role along with other service providers like TELCO companies that are providing simple means of payment services to the unbanked masses.

This disruption created a phenomenal change in the financial institution including my previous and current organization to startup banking for the unbanked. This has not only brought in competition to the local market, but is also now becoming popular in the international markets. The African region is offering similar financial products to their customers using technology.

“Women have proven to be an important and critical part of the technology.”

What inspires you?

After having said all about FinTechs, financial institutions, we all remain human at the end of the day and being a human gives us the leverage to bring change on a faster pace, thus driving the technology owners to bring corresponding changes in their technology stacks. I always believe in “change for good” and so I follow the FinTech models to bring changes in the financial institutions while crafting business and IT strategies, bringing in new technologies to the bank, creating room for innovation and new ideas like digital banking.

“Women are far stronger than they think and can carry on another mile to reach the pinnacle of their professional lives and pick themselves up and move on…”

Why is the #WomenInFinTech movement important?

The other half of the world has always been a part of almost every industry, technology included. We, as females have been consistently assisting, creating, developing, researching, innovating, working by all means in all areas of science, technology and engineering at superior levels rather than mediocre levels. The current C-levels in most technology giants currently are “females” and I am really proud to be a woman too. Women, being patient in nature and having the great capability of multi-tasking, have proven to be an important and critical part of the technology.

What piece of advice would you give women starting their careers in FinTech?

I still consider that many women are still far away from being a mid-level and leading positions, and the main reason for such exclusion might be due to mid-career exits from their professional life and entering into domestic lives. It is also due to upbringing of children most of the time in our part of the world. But I would suggest that they are far stronger than they think and can carry on another mile to reach the pinnacle of their professional lives and pick themselves up and move on…

A Look at the Savings Tech Horizon: Goals-Based PFM


It’s no secret that saving money is more difficult than spending it. That’s why, since the dawn of fintech, startups and FIs alike have been working on solutions to get users to keep money in the bank. Changes in these solutions have been subtle but persistent over the decade-plus time that companies have had to refine them.

For the next week, we’re going to take a look at six different categorizations of savings technology. We’re kicking the series off by focusing on PFM platforms that use a goals-based approach. Don’t cringe! While PFM and basic budgeting technologies may seem like dinosaurs, they have outlasted many other fintech innovations because they have a stickiness that keeps customers coming back.

Goals-based PFM

This category contains companies that have expanded beyond simple discretionary income budgeting to offer some type of goal-saving feature. Two good examples are Meniga, which launched Personal Finance Challenges at FinovateEurope 2017, and Qapital, which employs an If This, Then That (IFTTT) approach to saving. Qapital debuted at FinovateSpring 2014.

  • Meniga
    When U.K.-based Meniga launched Meniga Challenges at FinovateEurope 2017, the company’s CEO Georg Lúðvíksson referred to the new technology as “a new concept that is designed to motivate people with vastly different personality traits to become more financially fit.” The app-based challenges use behavioral psychology to motivate users to spend less and save more. In one instance, the app may appeal to the user’s competitive side by using social pressure to get them to spend less than their friends on groceries (pictured below on left). In another scenario, a cute Money Monster may appear at random intervals to get users to feed the monster by setting aside a bit of their cash (pictured below on right).
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.05.57 AM
Meniga offers multiple approaches to appeal to diverse users
  • Qapital
    Qapital appeals to Millennials by using an IFTTT approach to saving, which allows users to set up IFTTT rules that set aside money when specified triggers occur. The company has more than 200 prompts, or channels, that pull information from third party apps. These prompts range from user-controlled ones, such as “set aside $5 every time I publish a post on Instagram with the hashtag #blessed”; to more unpredictable events, such as, “save $10 every time the weather calls for snow”; and even, “save $3 every time an astronaut enters orbit.”
Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.14.23 AM
Qapital’s IFTTT savings feature

Additionally, Qapital offers a savings feature that rounds up users’ daily purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the change into their savings account. The Sweden-based company also supplies more traditional savings tools such as savings automation and goal-oriented transfers.

That’s a look at savings technology within PFM and how it applies to advice and goals. Stay tuned over the course of the week– we’ll examine the next five categories and investigate the companies that are pushing forward to encourage users to save.

Finovate Alumni News


Around the web

  • PaySimple unveils new Service Point of Sale (sPOS) platform.
  • NY State Department of Financial Services to allow Coinbase to offer Ethereum and Litecoin to customers in New York.
  • Backbase to locate new R&D center in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Revolut announces £4 million crowdfunding investment round and launch of subscription service.
  • Scalable Capital founder and CEO Adam French earns spot on 2017 PAM Top 40 Under 40 roster.
  • Innovate Finance names Nous Global Markets, Moxtra, and Qumram as finalists in its Pitch360 fintech startup competition.
  • WePay customers can now use Apple Pay on the Web and Google’s Android Pay on the Web for increased revenue generation.

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The Favorites of FinDEVr 2017 New York


FinDEVr  2017 New York is in the books. Our second developers conference in New York was a great opportunity to take a look at some of the technologies that continue to drive fintech innovation forward. As always, we asked our attendees to tell us which companies and technologies were best positioned to make the greatest impact on the financial services industry in terms of providing greater security, increased efficiency, and a better user experience for consumers. Here is what our attendees had to say:

Favorite FinDEVr Debut

  • HackerOne for its bug bounty and vulnerability platform that leverages the talent of trusted hackers to improve the online security of organizations and institutions ranging from Twitter and Uber to Qualcomm  and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Favorite FinDEVr Alum

  • Quovo and SoFi for their partnership that shows how an easy-to-use authentication API provides security to accounts at more than 200+ FIs while improving and streamlining the user experience.

Day One Attendee Favorite

  • MapD for its database and visualization layer that transforms Big Data into immersive, instantaneous, and actionable analytics.

Day Two Attendee Favorite

  • Prevoty for its insight into the way embedded, runtime security enables cybersecurity professionals to provide an additional layer of defense against vulnerabilities and fraudulent behavior.

Favorite Established Company

  • BlueMetal for its virtual agents, natural language processing, and conversational UX that transforms the nature of customer engagement in financial services.

Favorite Startup Company

  • Modelshop for its analytic decision platform that enhances the loan origination, portfolio optimization, and fraud prevention processes for both FIs and consumers.

Media Favorite

  • Vantiv for its cloud-based payment app that removes the complexity from financial transactions for both developers and merchants.

Our thanks to our presenting companies, sponsors, partners, and all of you who attended our second developers conference this year in New York. The excitement and enthusiasm for our events only makes us that much more excited for our upcoming FinDEVr debut in London, England in June. If you’re in the U.K. and looking for more insight into the technological side of the fintech ecosystem, then FinDEVr London is the place to be June 12th and 13th. Visit our FinDEVr London 2017 page for more information.

Finovate Alumni News

Around the web

  • Fenergo adds 200 new jobs to support global growth, taking worldwide employee count to 500.
  • ACI Worldwide to provide AML compliance for bitcoin payments courtesy of new partnership with Payment21.
  • OnDeck adds former Morgan Stanley exec to its board.
  • TechCrunch: Coinbase has added margin trading to its bitcoin exchange.
  • Market Exclusive: Paypal Is Winning Person-to-Person Payments War

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FinDEVr New York 2017: Welcome to Day Two


Day One of FinDEVr New York 2017 is in the books – and what a great start to our second developers conference! From APIs, bug bounties, and card-linking to payments, risk management, and smart contracts, the first day of FinDEVr New York was a testament to the technology that continues to drive fintech innovation forward.

And that makes us all the more excited for what we’ll see on Wednesday. Day Two will feature more than a dozen presentations from a diverse array of fintech companies. But we’ll also announce the winners of our FinDEVr Favorite Awards, including Crowd and Media Favorites, Favorite Debut, Startup, Established Company, and Alum. So be sure to join us Wednesday morning at the Metropolitan Pavilion to check out the presentations, meet the presenters, and make your preferences known.

Here’s the agenda for Wednesday.

Session 1: 9:30am – 10:35am

Networking and Coffee Break: 10:35am – 11:00am

Session 2: 11:00am – 12:20pm

Buffet Lunch: 12:20pm – 1:20pm

Session 3: 1:20pm – 2:40pm

Networking and Coffee Break: 2:40pm – 3:05pm

Session 4:  3:05pm – 4:45pm

Networking and Open Bar with Appetizers: 4:45pm – 6:00pm

We hope you had as much fun at Day One of FinDEVr New York as we did. So grab your badge and a handful of business cards and we’ll see you bright and early Wednesday morning for Day Two.

FinDEVr New York 2017: Welcome to Day 1


FinDEVr New York is finally here! If you have your ticket, we’ll see you at 9 a.m. at the Metropolitan Pavilion where the first company will take the stage.

Today’s presentations will be interspersed with networking and coffee breaks and will conclude with an open bar at the end of the day. We have a stellar presenter lineup for today; check it out:

Session 1 

Session 2 

Session 3

Session 4

We’ll see you all tomorrow for the second day of FinDEVr New York. We’ll have free coat check at the venue. Don’t forget your badge!