FinovateSpring 2019 / DataDock Solutions

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: We started DataDock Solutions because we saw a huge opportunity. Trading businesses at banks don’t focus their resources enough on data analytics. Their biggest decisions, who they trade with and where they commit capital, are made in an ad hoc “back of the envelope” way. We want to change how business leaders make these decisions, from anecdotal to analytic! DataDock Solutions empowers them to make better decisions about what customers they trade with and where they allocate their risk. We “empower” by delivering data analytics, advanced metrics and rich visuals. By “better decisions”, we mean more rigorous, consistent and precise decisions.

How they describe their product/innovation:

Application 1: Customer Intelligence (CI)

What it does: Group, summarize and visualize customer commissions, risk and profitability calculated at a granular trade-level using hedging simulations

Application 2: Customer Advanced Metrics Scorecard (CAMS) featuring Business, Risk and Volume (BRaVo)TM scoring

What it does: Quantitatively assess customers in a consolidated dashboard view

Application 3: Broker Intelligence (BI) (debut demonstration)

What it does: Flip the CI application on its head for the buy-side (so investors can better direct their business going outwards)

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms


Bus. Dev. & Press: Kumaran Vijayakumar, CEO 917-435-8800,

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