FinovateSpring 2014 / Qapital

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Qapital is pioneering a unique value proposition with the combination of PFM, Safe Balance, and event-based Savings & Goals in one integrated application.

All of this delivered through building a compelling user experience on top of smart logic and best-of-breed commercial third-party API’s and platforms.

Qapital is currently live in the Swedish market and closed beta in the US with launch scheduled for Q4 2014.

How they describe their product/innovation: Qapital for iPhone − a unique app that provides answers to the following three questions:

  • How much money can I spend?
  • How am I spending my money?
  • How can I achieve the things that really matter to me?

The knowledge contained in the PFM transaction data is leveraged to create smart and inspiring ways to show how much you are able to spend as well as how to achieve your goals through savings.

Here are some examples of the smart and inspirational features:

  • You’ve spent less on taxis than usual this month; do you wish to transfer the surplus to your ski trip goal?
  • Tax yourself a dollar toward your new guitar every time you buy a beer.
  • Yes, you can afford that sweater if you skip five coffees at Starbucks!

Product Distribution Strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, licensed


Bus. Dev., Press & Sales: George Friedman, CEO,,
+46 70 432 6737

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