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Building a new financial technology? Check out our coverage from our developer conference in San Francisco this fall, and mark your calendars for our spring developer event in New York, March 29 and 30, FinDEVr 2016.

Developer news:

  • BankNXT interviews Stefan Weiss, head of APIs at Fidor Bank, on the APIs, regulation, and expansion.
  • American Banker quotes Simon Redfern, founder of the Open Bank Project, in a look at the drive for open bank APIs in the United Kingdom.

The latest from FinDEVr San Francisco 2015 presenters:

  • Kashoo launches period-locking feature to lock data within prescribed timeframes.
  • CenturyLink and Cogent enter into interconnection agreement.
  • Deluxe Corporation celebrates its 100th birthday by ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.
  • Entrust Datacard’s Kurt Ishaug named 2015 CFO of the Year by Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.
  • The TRADE names Markit to its Hall of Fame.
  • Personal Capital lowers investment minimum from $100,000 to $25,000.

Alumni updates:

  • PRUDENA launches online marketplace for stock market research.
  • StockTwits offers brokerage functionality powered by Robinhood.
  • CardFlight announces EMV approval and certifications via TSYS for mPOS solution.

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PRUDENA Launches Online Marketplace for Stock Market Research


PRUDENA launched its online stock market research marketplace last week, helping retail investors and independent financial advisers access the same kind of quantified stock market research used by institutional money managers for years.

For PRUDENA co-founder and CEO Charlie Strout, the new online marketplace is the latest example of the “sharing economy” applied to financial technology. “Investors love our product because they can essentially hire a talented analyst that previously sold their research only to large institutions,” Strout explained. “Analysts love us because we give them loads of tools to save them time when producing their research and provide a platform where they can better monetize their work.”


Prudena founder and CEO Charlie Strout presented at FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

PRUDENA emphasizes quantitative research because this kind of research is typically too expensive for individual investors and independent financial advisers. Using data aggregation, financial modeling, and report-generation wizards, PRUDENA focuses on behavioral economics and finance, value investing, and quantitative financial analysis to give insights to investors and advisers that differ from the qualitative research many investors rely on. And with more than 500 registered users on its platform, Strout believes PRUDENA’s crowdfunding approach is making this kind of quantitative research easier to get and more affordable.

PRUDENA is available for free and by subscription. Free features include portfolio-monitoring tools and alerts, and modeling for the stocks in the S&P 500 and Dow industrials. Subscription services provide modeling for all stocks, brokerage-account aggregation, and more support options, including email, phone, and a one-on-one “Get Started” session. All subscribers receive a copy of “The Morning Monte” market analysis newsletter, as well.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York City, PRUDENA demonstrated how its platform automates the analysis of financial statements at the inaugural FinDEVr conference in 2014 in San Francisco.

Finovate Alumni News


  • “Finovate debuts: RedCloud Technology Helps Financial Institutions Build Regulatory Compliant Products”
  • “PRUDENA Launches Online Marketplace for Stock Market Research”

Around the web

  • PYMNTS looks at Akimbo’s next venture, Akimbo Now.
  • Dealstruck crosses the $100m mark.
  • Deluxe Corporation celebrates its 100th birthday by ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • PYMNTS interviews Michael Garrity, co-founder and CEO of Financeit.
  • Inside Big Data interviews Dr. Venkat Krinivasan, CEO of RAGE Frameworks.
  • The Financial Brand’s Ron Shevlin takes a look at the future of Venmo.
  • InvestinGoal provides a free eToro base course to help introduce new investors to social trading.
  • Strands brings its PFM solution to Temenos Connect and Mobile Internet Banking.
  • Geezeo builds custom financial event app: Life by Geezeo.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

FinDEVr 2014: Prudena Leverages Existing APIs for its Own Analysis Tools

This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Prudena showed how it uses existing APIs to develop its own analysis tools:

Prudena: Automating Financial Statement Analysis
Charlie Strout founded Prudena when – after graduating from Columbia Business School – he decided performing fundamental equity analysis was too labor intensive. The presentation discusses how he was able to leverage existing APIs to develop Prudena’s analysis tools and publish his own API.
Presenter: Charlie Strout 
Prudena is a subscription-based online community and web-based toolkit dedicated to assisting value investors with financial analysis. By taking advantage of Prudena’s automated financial statement analysis tools, investors reduce the time it takes to perform high-quality fundamental research.

FinDEVr Preview: Who’s Who on Day Two


There will be a lot going on over the course of the two day FinDEVr conference in San Francisco next Tuesday and Wednesday. You can still pick up your ticket here.

Each of the companies below will have 6 minutes on stage to show off what their tools are all about:


PayStand, an online payment solution that offers zero transaction fees

Presentation: Comparing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Payment Types
Card Networks (Visa/MasterCard/Amex), eCheck (ACH/Bank Network/Check21), and Digital Currency (Bitcoin/Ripple/Altcoins) all have unique advantages and disadvantages. Explore the different use cases of why each are valuable and learn how to use PayStand’s unique multi-payment network technology to build the next generation of commerce applications.
Why it’s great for developers:
    • Payments as a service
    • Enables merchants to accept eCash, eCheck, and credit card payments
    • Allows for no transaction fees
PayStand is an online payment solution that enables organizations to accept credit cards, eChecks, and digital currency without transaction fees.


Plaid, an API that powers fintech applications

Presentation: Plaid: API for Financial Infrastructure
Learn all about Plaid, the problems we’re solving, and the companies we power.
Why it’s great for developers: 
    • Access detailed account and transaction data from financial institutions
    • Authorize accounts for ACH and Wire transfers in seconds
    • Verify account holder information

Plaid is an API for financial infrastructure – we give developers the tools they need to build applications that interface with banks.


Prudena is a subscription-based online community that provides value analysis to developers.

Presentation: Prudena: Automating Financial Statement Analysis
Charlie Strout founded Prudena when – after graduating from Columbia Business School – he decided performing fundamental equity analysis was too labor intensive. The presentation discusses how he was able to leverage existing APIs to develop Prudena’s analysis tools and publish his own API.

Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Allows you to reduce the time required to perform financial statement analysis
    • Better understand risk by running simulations
    • Aggregate your investments accounts
Prudena automates the process of performing high-quality financial statement analysis–saving investors time and improving their decision-making processes.


SecureKey Technologies delivers authentication solutions for online consumer services

Presentation: Moving Away from Passwords: The Future of Digital Identity
We are first exploring some of the traditional ways to secure online access. We will then look at a more innovative approach via device anchoring and dynamic authentication that will show the audience how to strongly and uniquely identify customers with a unified solution across devices.
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Every authentication event provides unique proof of their customer’s identity
    • Simple access with a better, more secure user experience
    • Eliminates password frustration Connect can provide users with the opportunity to use simpler methods that are actually far stronger than passwords and better secured.

SekurMeLogo eliminates passwords by turning your phone into your digital identity. 

Presentation: Want to be secure? Eliminate passwords!
If you don’t have a password, it cannot be stolen. See a live demo of a patented disruptive technology taking security to the next level, while making login safer and simpler. And see how it can be used to secure payments and reduce shopping cart abandonment for eCommerce and mCommerce.
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Eliminate passwords
    • Single-Click payments
    • Checkout and pay in 9 seconds
If you don’t have a password, it cannot be stolen.


SimplyTapp provides host card emulation

Presentation: Host Card Emulation
Overview of SimplyTapp’s HCE solution and offering.
Why it’s great for developers: 

Host Card Emulation (HCE) is the presentation of a virtual and exact representation of a card using only software.


Tagcash, a digital payments and rewards company

Presentation: TAGCASH
The importance and benefits of a platform for both users and merchants that makes use of these key features: digital wallet usage, merchant payments integration, remittance capabilities, and built-in rewards program (which includes marketing modules and advertising).
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Digital Wallet Usage (including Remittance)
    • Rewards Program
    • Practical Advertising
Cash, Rewards, and Advertising can all be found on a single (yet multi-featured) and safe /secure platform.


The TxPUSH Initiative makes real time account events available to third party apps.

Presentation: Aggregation 2.0 – TxPUSH and the Evented Financial Web
TxPUSH technology is focused on aligning app user experience and FinTech industry players around the Evented Financial Web. The TxPUSH technology will improve the security model of the existing account aggregation ecosystem and promote the delivery of real-time financial transaction data to account holders in the apps they choose.
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Eliminate third party interactions with user credentials
    • Push real time transactions to your app
    • See the launch of TxPUSH and the Evented Financial Web
TxPUSH and the Evented Financial Web deliver the framework to build secure, event driven, real-time apps for the Evented Financial Web ecosystem.


Thinknum provides technology for financial analysts to host their financial data in the cloud.

Presentation: Thinknum: A Powerful Web Platform for Financial Analysis
Learn about Thinknum, the web platform that is changing the way that financial analysts work. Find out more about our unique data and technology that enhances the financial research process.
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Utilize unique web data to value companies
    • Leverage web technology to enhance the research process
    • Manage user generated content
Thinknum is changing the way that financial analysts work, enabling them to manage their own content while enhancing their research processes.


Trulioo a cyber identification company.

Presentation: Trulioo’s Global Gateway
Demonstrating how Trulioo’s Global Gateway verifies a consumer’s identity within a single, unique portal. We will input a person’s first name, last name, date of birth and address to show how Trulioo verifies these attributes from our 130+ data sources.
Why it’s great for developers: 

    • Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliant electronic ID Verification
    • Instant global address verification for ecommerce and P2P
    • Access over 3B identities
Global Gateway is the leading identity verification solution with the largest coverage in the market.