Hey, Developers! FinDEVr Presentation Videos Now Available


Maybe you missed out on the first ever FinDEVr, which was held in San Francisco on September 30 and October 1, or maybe you wish you could go back to watch the presentations again.

Check out all of the presentation videos, fresh off the camera reel.

We have 47 fintech-focused presentations of APIs and back-end tools ready to watch, embed, and download for free. Don’t know where to start? Check out one of the award winning presentations from day one:



PayPal & Braintree


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making some final edits to the videos. You can find the videos using the link above or in the video archives section on Finovate.com.

Thanks again to all who attended and presented!

FinDEVr San Francisco 2014: Telling the Tale on Twitter


Wherever there are technology people talking, you can be sure that Twitter is one of the ways they are doing it.

And the first FinDEVr held this week at the Mission Bay Conference Center at the University of California San Francisco was no exception. 

Thumbnail image for Twitter Bird.jpg

See for yourself. From sponsors and presenters tweeting word of their innovations to attendees weighing in on what impressed them most, the first FinDEVr Live Twitter feed was as much a success as the show itself.
We’ve sampled a tweet or two from our presenters to give you a sense of what this historic opportunity for fintech developers was all about. Enjoy!


Thanks again to all the presenting companies and developers who came out to support the very first FinDEVr. We saw a lot of old friends and met some great new connections – and hope you did, as well. We’ll see you in 2015 for the second annual FinDEVr!

FinDEVr 2014: Prudena Leverages Existing APIs for its Own Analysis Tools

This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Prudena showed how it uses existing APIs to develop its own analysis tools:

Prudena: Automating Financial Statement Analysis
Charlie Strout founded Prudena when – after graduating from Columbia Business School – he decided performing fundamental equity analysis was too labor intensive. The presentation discusses how he was able to leverage existing APIs to develop Prudena’s analysis tools and publish his own API.
Presenter: Charlie Strout 
Prudena is a subscription-based online community and web-based toolkit dedicated to assisting value investors with financial analysis. By taking advantage of Prudena’s automated financial statement analysis tools, investors reduce the time it takes to perform high-quality fundamental research.
Website: prudena.com 

FinDEVr 2014: Thinknum Provides Developers with a Platform for Empowering Financial Analysts


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Thinknum presented its platform for financial analysts.

Thinknum: A Powerful Web Platform for Financial Analysis
Learn about Thinknum, the web platform that is changing the way that financial analysts work. Find our more about our unique data and technology that enhances the financial research process.
Presenter: Justin Zhen, Co-Founder
Thinknum is a powerful web platform to value companies. Thinknum leverages the web’s resources in data and technology for financial analysts to host their financial models on the cloud.
Website: thinknum.com
Twitter: @thinknum

FinDEVr 2014: Kiind Shows How Easy it is to Create Custom Gift Cards with its API


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Kiind showed how developers can use its platform to create personalized gift cards and custom rewards.

Making Gifting Easy
We’ll touch on Kiind’s API and where it is headed as well as our marketplace.
Presenter: Leif Baradoy, CEO & Founder
Kiind helps businesses reward their employees and customers with gift cards. With Kiind, you can easily send personalized offers to multiple contacts, and Kiind’s technology allows you to defer when you pay for rewards and gifts, thereby saving you money.
Website: kiind.me
Twitter: @kiind

FinDEVr 2014: Security Specialist Sekur Me Turns Smartphones into Digital Identifiers


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Sekur Me presented its approach to security that leverages smartphones as authentication devices.

Want to be secure: Eliminate passwords!
If you don’t have a password, it cannot be stolen. See a live demo of a patented disruptive technology taking security to the next level, while making login safer and simpler. And see how it can be used to secure payments and reduce shopping cart abandonment for eCommerce and mCommerce.
Presenter: Jack Bicer, CEO
Sekur.me eliminates user IDs and passwords securely by turning your phone into your digital identity. It also brings the convenience of Single-Click eCommerce purchases to smartphones, where tiny keyboards make it hard to type. Checkout and pay in 9 seconds.
Website: sekur.me
Twitter: @sekurme

FinDEVr 2014: GreenAddressIT Shows the Way Toward a More Secure Bitcoin Wallet


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

GreenAddressIT showed how developers can make their bitcoin wallets more secure.

GreenAddress: Instant and Secure Bitcoin
The presentation is introducing bitcoin’s multisignature features. These features allow users to radically improve the security of bitcoin wallets, as well as create new services like instant confirmation allowing for faster arbitration between exchanges.
Presenter: Lawrence Nahum, CEO & Founder
GreenAddress is a leader in securing bit coins and providing instant clearing confirmations. It supports desktop, mobile, and web apps and offers a very featureful and secure wallet as well as APIs to enable third party developers.
Blog: blog.greenaddress.it
Twitter: @greenaddress

FinDEVr 2014: PayStand Shows How its Multi-Payment Network Technology Helps Developers Build Commerce Apps


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

PayStand introduces its multi-payment network to help build e-commerce applications.

Comparing the Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Payment Types
Card Networks (Visa/MasterCard/Amex), eCheck (ACH/Bank Network/Check21), and Digital Currency (Bitcoin/Ripple/Altcoins) all have unique advantages and disadvantages. Explore the different use cases of why each are valuable and learn how to use PayStand’s unique multi-payment network technology to build the next generation of commerce applications.
Presenter: Jeremy Almond, CEO
PayStand is a next-generation payment solution enabling no fee transactions online. By offering payments as a service, PayStand is revolutionizing commerce. One low monthly subscription allows organizations to accept eCash (Bitcoin), eCheck, & credit cards through PayStand’s all-in-one solution.
Website: paystand.com
Blog: paystand.com/blog
Twitter: @paystand

FinDEVr 2014: Bionym Shows How its Wearable Nymi Band Can Create a Secure Banking Experience

This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Bionym showed use cases of how Nymi Band can be used in fintech:

Here I Am: Revolutionizing FI and Banking Experiences with Persistent Identity and the Nymi
Balaji is presenting the Nymi Persistent Identity vision and User flow and will review the key aspects of the SDK and Developer offering. In addition, he will propose and inspire discussion on select use cases in FinTech where the Nymi can improve engagement, security and customer satisfaction.
Presenter: Balaji Gopalan, Director of Platform
Toronto-based Bionym is a team of experts in cryptography, biometrics and security. Our first product is the Nymi, a wearable device that enables the user to authenticate once via unique cardiac rhythm and securely and seamlessly assert Persistent Identity to any system.
Website: getnymi.com  
Twitter: @nymiband

FinDEVr 2014: Morpheus Aiolos Shows its API for Banking

This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

Morpheus Aiolos described how its API for banking works:

API for Banking
Our API standardizes the way an application can extract information from any bank account. We’re describing how it works, with some examples.
Presenter: David Lozano
We are a company based in Spain that has developed financial software since 2012. We have two featured products: an API to extract bank transactions and a clone of Mint, which uses the API.

FinDEVr 2014: BCL Technologies Unlocks Unstructured Text

This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

BCL Technologies showcased its Financial Data Extraction API:

Unlocking Financial Text
Explore the different use cases for BCL’s Financial Data Extraction API’s for unstructured text, to generate structured data Triplets.
Presenters: Bob Krumwiede, Director of Bus. Dev. and Hassan Alam, CEO & CTO
BCL Technologies develops API’s for Financial Text Extraction that unlock Big Data in unstructured documents and websites, enabling FinTech Developers to easily extract structured Financial Triplets from any source.

FinDEVr 2014: CrowdCurity Provides White-Hat Hackers to Stress Test Your Website’s Security


This post is part of our live coverage of FinDEVr San Francisco 2014.

CrowdCurity demonstrated its white hat hacker service to promote better, more secure apps.

How to Invite Hacker to Your Website
Too many websites are being exploited, and we need to rethink web security. The best way to stay secure and ahead of the bad guys is to invite good white-hat hackers to test your security. We have made it easy to connect businesses to a crowd of security researchers.
Presenter: Jacob Hansen, CEO
CrowdCurity is a web security marketplace. We connect businesses with security testers. We do bug bounty programs as-a-service. Bitcoin First.
Blog: blog.crowdcurity.com
Twitter: @crowdcurity