Wipit Enables Consumers to Make Mobile Payments with Cash


Starting off day two of the conference, Wipit demonstrated how users can load prepaid funds onto a mobile wallet using cash:

“Wipit is a mobile payment service that allows users to quickly and easily make payments from their smartphone or online using cash. Users can create a free mobile wallet account via their handset or online and can load prepaid funds by visiting over 10,000 retail locations nationwide. Loaded funds are instantly available to make payments on mobile apps or websites that accept Wipit as a payment option. Users authorize all payment transactions via a simple, single click payment process. Account information and transaction history can be viewed and managed from Wipit’s free mobile app or online.”

Product Launched: Q2 2012
HQ Location: Pasadena, CA
Company Founded: 2010
Website: wipit.me
Introducing Richard Kang (CEO) and Lance Taschner (CTO)


NICE Creates a Smart Customer Service Experience

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Concluding day 1 of the conference, NICE demonstrated its Mobile Reach solution:
“NICE Mobile Reach complements mobile banking by intelligently bridging mobile self-service and assisted service, creating a customer service experience that is as smart as customers’ devices. 
    • ENGAGE: It understands customer intent in real-time and recommends, just at the right time, the right channel for fulfilling the customer need. 
    • CONNECT: When needed, it seamlessly connects the customer with the right agent, bypassing the IVR and transferring the context from the mobile device to the agent desktop. 
    • COLLABORATE: During a call with an agent, it adds multimedia collaboration tools allowing the customer and agent to exchange text, images, and documents. 
The results: great customer experience, boost in mobile banking adoption, higher revenue, and lower service cost.”
Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rutherford, NJ
Company Founded: January 1986
Website: nice.com
Introducing Amit Ashman (Director of Solution Marketing) and Matthew Storm (Director of Innovation & Solutions)


Concur’s SmartExpense Syncs with TripIt to Make Expense Reporting Easy

ConcurLogo.jpgToday, Concur showed how SmartExpense connects with TripIt to make expense reporting even easier:

“SmartExpense is an easier way to do expense reports and does a lot of the work for you. Snap photos of business receipts with your smartphone while you travel and SmartExpense will automatically upload them to your expense report. Or, simply forward electronic receipts from hotels, mobile carriers, conferences, and more to receipts@smartexpense.com to easily add them to any expense report. 

To make travel expense reporting even easier, connect your SmartExpense account with TripIt. SmartExpense automatically creates and pre-populates expense reports with flight, hotel, and car rental reservations from your TripIt itinerary, no matter where you book.”

Product Launched: Summer 2012
HQ Location: Redmond, WA
Company Founded: 1993
Metrics: Servicing over 15,000 clients located in more than 100 countries; high client satisfaction with more than 95% client retention; total revenue was $292.9 million for fiscal 2010, up 18% year-over-year; processing over 50 million transactions worth over $50 billion in T&E spend a year; over 10% of the U.S.’s T&E spend processed by Concur solutions; more than 60% of the Fortune 500 are Concur clients, including 6 of the top 10 U.S. companies; over 60% of BTN’s Corporate Travel 100 are Concur clients
Website: concur.com
Introducing Elena Donio (EVP & GM, Emerging Business) and Ruben Alanis (Senior Product Manager)


eDeposit’s Technology Helps Businesses and Customers Enjoy the Payment Experience


Then, eDeposit showed off its payment platform:

“Thousands of businesses seek new payment applications to reduce risk, increase profitability and transform the user experience. eDeposit will demonstrate how its patented technology displaces legacy payment methods with simple web and mobile-integrated solutions. eDeposit sellers say, “Show me the money!” and see funds earmarked before they ship, manufacture, lease, or distribute goods and services. Buyers love the speed, flexibility and control of eDeposit. Our demo shows eDeposit’s unique buyer authorization model, with real-time settlement and reduced risk in B2B, B2C and P2P transactions.”

Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rockville, MD
Company Founded: 1999
Metrics: eDeposit is privately funded, utilizes a variety of strategic partnerships to develop, host and settle financial transactions and has roughly 2,000 users to date.
Website: edeposit.com
Introducing Bob Craig (CEO) and Neil Williams (EVP, Business Development)


MShift Demonstrates its FI-Branded Mobile Wallet that Enables Offer and Loyalty Solutions

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MShift took the stage to show off its FI-branded mobile wallet solution:

“Welcome to Mobile Banking 2.0 – where financial institutions drive mobile commerce through a community of local businesses and consumers. We’re building FI-branded mobile wallet solutions that, in partnership with local businesses, enables mobile offer, loyalty, and payment solutions directly to consumers.”

HQ Location: Fremont, CA
Company Founded: 1999
Website: mshift.com
Introducing Jeff Chen (Vice President, Business Development) and Audra Robles (Marketing Analyst)


The ProfitStars Budget Manager Creates an Efficient Budgeting Process


Afterwards, ProfitStars demonstrated how its Budget Manager can help financial institutions streamline the budgeting process:

“Budget Manager is a distributed budgeting tool that allows budget administrators to easily obtain input from the front line and seamlessly incorporate those inputs into the PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting application. This newly redesigned browser-based version enables users to construct and manage a more efficient budgeting process, including how to tackle more difficult items like salaries and fixed assets. Budget Manager provides for ongoing accountability and buy-in from all individuals throughout the organization. The application has reporting capabilities that allow for sharing of actual results throughout the budget year.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Monett, MO
Company Founded: June 1976
Metrics: Jack Henry serves over 11,800 clients, employs approximately 4,400 in over 40 locations, with revenues in excess of $1 billion annually.
Introducing Martin Webster (Sales Director) and Stacie Jokumsen (Product Marketing Specialist)



TIO’s MobilePay Enables Customers to Pay Bills Using a Credit Card


Later today, TIO Networks demonstrated how its MobilePay solution allows customers to pay their bills using a credit card:

“TIO MobilePay is the first mobile application in North America to offer customers the ability to pay thousands of telecom, utility, financial service and insurance bills safely and conveniently using their Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card. By offering same-day expedited payment processing, we help our customers avoid expensive late fees and service interruptions. 

Unlike traditional online and mobile banking applications, TIO MobilePay is the only smartphone application that lets customers pay all their bills in one place with their credit card, keeping cash in their pocket longer while earning reward points.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Company Founded: August 1997 (founded as Infotouch Technologies Inc.)
Metrics: Over $1 billion in transactions processed per year; Over $42 million in annual revenues; Over 1.5 million transactions per month; 180,000 TIO Members powered by the TIO Wallet; Top 10 Finance App in Apple App Store (PG&E Mobile Bill Pay, powered by TIO); Reach 10K billers electronically
Introducing Conal Campbell (Director, Business Development) and Rob Goehring (Chief Marketing Officer)


Experian’s BusinessIQ Tool Helps Business Owners Make Smart Decisions

Experian.jpgLast up this session, Experian showed off its BusinessIQ Express tool for business owners:

“BusinessIQ Express is an online tool that enables business owners and principals to quickly and easily make smart, informed decisions: 
        • Evaluate prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners on their likelihood to pay or deliver on time
        • Monitor businesses with alerts and notifications to maintain positive relationships
        • Collect outstanding debts and avoid future losses
        • View and contribute community business ratings and comments
        • Learn from tutorial videos, tool tips, and support
All these features utilize the most comprehensive and trusted financial information on U.S. small businesses — all in one complete, simple package for one compelling price.”
Product Launched: May 2012 
HQ Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Company Founded: 1897
Introducing Adam Fingersh (Senior VP, Business Info Services) and Mary Ann Strout (Senior Manager, Product Management)


Nomis Solutions Enables Retail Banks to Make Profitable Decisions


Then, Nomis Solutions demonstrated its platform that combines data and predictive analytics to help retail banks make smart decisions:

“Nomis is launching the next gen Pricing and Profitability Management platform for retail banks. The new platform builds on the success and reputation of the Nomis Price Optimizer and Nomis’ experience in delivering sustainable, strategic, financial, and operational returns to 35+ customers. 

By marrying insightful data streams, cutting-edge predictive analytics and behavioral science, and powerful decision-making capabilities within an engaging user experience, the platform enables CFOs, portfolio owners, product managers, and pricing analysts to understand their customers and make profitable, customer-sensitive decisions regardless of market and competitive dynamics.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Bruno, CA
Company Founded: May 2004
Metrics: Since 2004, Nomis has completed over 35 implementations of pricing technology and processes. Along the way, our customers have run over 100,000 pricing scenarios, priced over $400 billion in consumer accounts, and generated over $400 million in incremental profits through the use of Nomis technology. 
Introducing Frank Rohde (CEO) and Prashant Balepur (VP of Product Development)


Cachet Financial Services Helps Busy Executives Track Deposits


Later this afternoon, Cachet Financial Solutions presented a way for companies to track and generate reports on deposit records:

Select Business on a tablet provides greater freedom to busy business executives and managers who need to keep track of the company’s deposit records, but can’t be at their desks. Users with proper security would have the ability to track every action performed on the system, by date and user, create and run reports, and export data to PDF and other formats for viewing. In addition to all the Select Business features, we will also be adding the ability to submit checks for deposit through the tablets themselves for tablets with cameras.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Minneapolis, MN
Company Founded: February 2010
Introducing Larry Blaney (Executive Vice President of Sales) and Christopher Ebbert (EVP and Chief Information Officer)


TASCET Helps Financial Institutions Identify Customers by Using Fingerproofs


Afterwards, TASCET demonstrated how Financial ICONN enables financial institutions to use biometrics to identify customers:
“Financial ICONN is a digital representation of a person’s identity as confirmed through TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure. Financial ICONN gives financial institutions a means to identify their customers without relying on Social Security numbers, virtually eliminating identity fraud and the use of synthetic identities.
Customers activate their Financial ICONN within each institution with whom they do business by providing two Fingerproofs, a Faceproof and limited biographic information. Once activated, consumers regain their privacy because ICONN verifies their identity when conducting transactions or accessing financial information. Financial ICONN allows financial institutions to give customers a personal firewall and engages them in the fight against fraud.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Madison, WI
Company Founded: March 2005
Metrics: $16 million in equity capital raised, 33 full time employees
Website: tascet.com
Introducing Larry Aubol (Founder & CEO), Rocky Alam (CTO), and Lynnea Krajco (Social Media Director)


Kabbage’s K-Leaf Allows Businesses to Easily Add Information to their Kabbage Account

KabbageLogo.jpgThen, Kabbage demonstrated its K-Leaf that allows businesses to easily add data to their Kabbage account:

“Kabbage introduces the K-Leaf that enables SMB’s to quickly append data to their Kabbage account from any site on the web by clicking the Kabbage leaf logo. 

When the business clicks on the leaf logo, all data on that page and beyond is automatically appended to the SMB’s Kabbage account. By doing so, the SMB can gain access to additional capital and other benefits.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: February 2009
Metrics: Kabbage has raised just under $26 million from accredited investors, in addition to a recent $12,000 in debt financing. Kabbage has almost $8 million in A/R and currently has 47 employees. 
Website: kabbage.com
Introducing Robert Frohwein (CEO) and Kathryn Petralia (COO)