MoneyDesktop Launches a Targeted Offers Program, Announces Partnership with Visa


Today, MoneyDesktop demonstrated how it integrated Deals into its PFM:
“Deals by MoneyDesktop, rises above the noise of other untargeted, complex offers platforms by fully integrating into MoneyDesktop’s PFM backbone and using anonymized user transaction data to deliver a three-pronged value proposition:
Value to Financial Institutions (FI’s) – With compelling offers pushed daily to account holders, FI’s will:
    1. Drive loan growth from increased PFM adoption, account aggregation and transaction data
    2. Acquire new account holders faster and at lower costs with Deals viral sharing capabilities
    3. Acquire new merchant accounts as the result of relationships built with local merchants
Value To Merchants – Deals leverages actual transaction data and empowers Merchants to:
    1. Target consumers that are buying in their category but not from them 
    2. Track and measure actual customer acquisition and customer spending data
    3. Implement an automatic and paperless redemption tool without complicating operations
Value To End-Users – Via the Deals app, Users receive unprecedented value through:
    1. Offers, individually tailored from personal transaction data, for items they’re already buying 
    2. An automatic redemption process that eliminates cumbersome coupons and promo codes
    3. Automatically issued electronic cash-back for Deals that have been redeemed
MoneyDesktop combines all the best practices in the offers space with its award-winning PFM and eliminates the huge value disconnect of other offers programs. This puts MoneyDesktop in a whole different category with a game-changing solution for FI’s and Merchants that will positively impact the lives of millions of consumers.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Provo, UT
Company Founded: March 2010
Metrics: Triple-digit growth over the past 2 years, 22 online banking/core/payment network partners, 260+ FI clients, 45 employees
Introducing Ryan Caldwell (CEO) and Matt West (VP of Sales)


Transparency Labs Helps Retirees Maximize Savings


This morning, Transparency Labs demonstrated its solution that helps Americans stay invested in retirement:
“Transparency Labs enables Americans to increase and preserve their retirement savings by addressing the transparency deficits that prevent people from staying invested in retirement and maximizing their savings.
      • We address America’s “Cash-Out Crisis” by helping retirement savers understand the penalty, fee and tax implications of cashing-out their retirement savings as they change jobs. Every year, 4 in 10 people cash-out their 401k when they change jobs – an estimated $80 billion leaks from the system annually this way.
      • We help reunite people with their orphaned 401k money. Millions of Americans have orphaned accounts left at former employers, accruing unnecessary fees with limited choice, at the heightened risk of being cashed-out. 
      • We offer comprehensive fee disclosure for the estimated $75 billion+ that Americans pay annually in mutual fund fees and costs. Most people do not even know they pay these fees – and these costs can be substantially reduced. 
In response to the cash-out epidemic in the retirement system, Transparency Labs has developed automatic retirement preservation solutions to help Americans stay invested in retirement, reunite with their orphaned accounts, and dramatically lower their hidden fees and risks.”
HQ Location: New York, NY 
Product Launched: May 2012
Introducing David Hirsch (Founder & CEO)


Cardlytics Shows Merchants Where the Revenues Are


Afterwards, Cardlytics showed its geographical revenue visualization for merchants:

“Cardlytics will be demonstrating the impact of showing merchants how and where their revenues are being generated on a geographical representation.”

Product Launched: 2012 (Early Q3)
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: February 2008
Metrics: Since its founding in 2008, Cardlytics has been a leader of innovation with recent accolades, including being named one of the 100 most innovative private companies in the world by Red Herring. The company has also raised over $60 million in venture capital from leading investors in both Silicon Valley and Boston and a strategic investment from the world’s leading loyalty company, Aimia.
Introducing Jason Brooks (Managing Director, UK) and Rod Witmond (SVP, Product Management and Marketing)


Flint Mobile Helps Businesses Acquire Customers through Social Media Marketing


Then, Flint Mobile demonstrated how it helps businesses accept credit cards and acquire customers:

“Flint is introducing its first product offering. We will be demoing our end-to-end service that seamlessly integrates easy mobile payments with word of mouth marketing through the biggest social networks.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Redwood City, CA
Company Founded: April 2011
Metrics: Announcing the company and our Beta at FinovateSpring 2012
Introducing Greg Goldfarb (CEO and Co-Founder) and Venkat Subramanian (VP Engineering) 


Keynote DeviceAnywhere Lets You Test Your Platform on Mobile Devices


Next, Keynote DeviceAnywhere showed off its solution for browser-based testing across multiple devices and platforms:

“Real device or browser-based testing? It’s a common dilemma for enterprise mobile app developers and QA professionals. While most agree that testing on real devices is optimal for understanding the true mobile user experience, there are also some very practical efficiency and automation benefits to be gained from browser-based testing. 

TCE Automation with HTML5 Web Testing allows you to test on real mobile devices with all the ease of browser-based testing and automate across different mobile devices and platforms. These capabilities enable you to accelerate time to market for new apps and platforms while saving substantial time and cost.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Mateo, CA
Company Founded: January 2003
Introducing Bryan Segale (Senior Technical Account Manager)


BehavioSec Uses Behavioral Analytics to Tackle Mobile Security


Second up, BehavioSec demonstrated its mobile security solution that uses behavioral analytics:
“BehavioSec is showing the answer to the mobile security problem.
It’s no longer sufficient to enter the correct PIN code or pattern; it has to be entered in the correct way.
BehavioMobile adds a layer of behavioral analytics to a financial app (such as a banking application), making sure it can only be accessed by a typing or swiping sequence that is uniquely connected to that person’s biometrics.
Anyone attempting to access the app has to use the correct pressure, velocity, and acceleration, and they must combine this with the correct sequence speed and key-flight before they can access it.”
Product Launched: December 2011
HQ Location: Lulea, Sweden
Company Founded: 2009
Metrics: $1.5 million raised to date, 7 employees
Introducing Neil Costigan (CTO)


Wipit Enables Consumers to Make Mobile Payments with Cash


Starting off day two of the conference, Wipit demonstrated how users can load prepaid funds onto a mobile wallet using cash:

“Wipit is a mobile payment service that allows users to quickly and easily make payments from their smartphone or online using cash. Users can create a free mobile wallet account via their handset or online and can load prepaid funds by visiting over 10,000 retail locations nationwide. Loaded funds are instantly available to make payments on mobile apps or websites that accept Wipit as a payment option. Users authorize all payment transactions via a simple, single click payment process. Account information and transaction history can be viewed and managed from Wipit’s free mobile app or online.”

Product Launched: Q2 2012
HQ Location: Pasadena, CA
Company Founded: 2010
Introducing Richard Kang (CEO) and Lance Taschner (CTO)


NICE Creates a Smart Customer Service Experience

Thumbnail image for NICELogo.jpg

Concluding day 1 of the conference, NICE demonstrated its Mobile Reach solution:
“NICE Mobile Reach complements mobile banking by intelligently bridging mobile self-service and assisted service, creating a customer service experience that is as smart as customers’ devices. 
    • ENGAGE: It understands customer intent in real-time and recommends, just at the right time, the right channel for fulfilling the customer need. 
    • CONNECT: When needed, it seamlessly connects the customer with the right agent, bypassing the IVR and transferring the context from the mobile device to the agent desktop. 
    • COLLABORATE: During a call with an agent, it adds multimedia collaboration tools allowing the customer and agent to exchange text, images, and documents. 
The results: great customer experience, boost in mobile banking adoption, higher revenue, and lower service cost.”
Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rutherford, NJ
Company Founded: January 1986
Introducing Amit Ashman (Director of Solution Marketing) and Matthew Storm (Director of Innovation & Solutions)


Concur’s SmartExpense Syncs with TripIt to Make Expense Reporting Easy

ConcurLogo.jpgToday, Concur showed how SmartExpense connects with TripIt to make expense reporting even easier:

“SmartExpense is an easier way to do expense reports and does a lot of the work for you. Snap photos of business receipts with your smartphone while you travel and SmartExpense will automatically upload them to your expense report. Or, simply forward electronic receipts from hotels, mobile carriers, conferences, and more to to easily add them to any expense report. 

To make travel expense reporting even easier, connect your SmartExpense account with TripIt. SmartExpense automatically creates and pre-populates expense reports with flight, hotel, and car rental reservations from your TripIt itinerary, no matter where you book.”

Product Launched: Summer 2012
HQ Location: Redmond, WA
Company Founded: 1993
Metrics: Servicing over 15,000 clients located in more than 100 countries; high client satisfaction with more than 95% client retention; total revenue was $292.9 million for fiscal 2010, up 18% year-over-year; processing over 50 million transactions worth over $50 billion in T&E spend a year; over 10% of the U.S.’s T&E spend processed by Concur solutions; more than 60% of the Fortune 500 are Concur clients, including 6 of the top 10 U.S. companies; over 60% of BTN’s Corporate Travel 100 are Concur clients
Introducing Elena Donio (EVP & GM, Emerging Business) and Ruben Alanis (Senior Product Manager)


eDeposit’s Technology Helps Businesses and Customers Enjoy the Payment Experience


Then, eDeposit showed off its payment platform:

“Thousands of businesses seek new payment applications to reduce risk, increase profitability and transform the user experience. eDeposit will demonstrate how its patented technology displaces legacy payment methods with simple web and mobile-integrated solutions. eDeposit sellers say, “Show me the money!” and see funds earmarked before they ship, manufacture, lease, or distribute goods and services. Buyers love the speed, flexibility and control of eDeposit. Our demo shows eDeposit’s unique buyer authorization model, with real-time settlement and reduced risk in B2B, B2C and P2P transactions.”

Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rockville, MD
Company Founded: 1999
Metrics: eDeposit is privately funded, utilizes a variety of strategic partnerships to develop, host and settle financial transactions and has roughly 2,000 users to date.
Introducing Bob Craig (CEO) and Neil Williams (EVP, Business Development)