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eDeposit’s Technology Helps Businesses and Customers Enjoy the Payment Experience


Then, eDeposit showed off its payment platform:

“Thousands of businesses seek new payment applications to reduce risk, increase profitability and transform the user experience. eDeposit will demonstrate how its patented technology displaces legacy payment methods with simple web and mobile-integrated solutions. eDeposit sellers say, “Show me the money!” and see funds earmarked before they ship, manufacture, lease, or distribute goods and services. Buyers love the speed, flexibility and control of eDeposit. Our demo shows eDeposit’s unique buyer authorization model, with real-time settlement and reduced risk in B2B, B2C and P2P transactions.”

Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rockville, MD
Company Founded: 1999
Metrics: eDeposit is privately funded, utilizes a variety of strategic partnerships to develop, host and settle financial transactions and has roughly 2,000 users to date.
Introducing Bob Craig (CEO) and Neil Williams (EVP, Business Development)