On Deck Makes its Platform Available to Third Parties


Next, On Deck demonstrated how it can help third parties calibrate the appropriate loan amount:
“On Deck’s technology is now available to third parties who want to leverage their own capital to reach small businesses. Third parties can connect their capital to the On Deck Platform to underwrite and service small business loans. 
Our technology will also harness small businesses’ digital information – such as online banking and cash flow information – in order to calibrate an appropriate loan amount. With our technology, these organizations will be able to vastly increase the number of small businesses they are able to service, while significantly decreasing the time required of small business owners to obtain capital.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: New York, NY
Company Founded: 2007
Metrics: $200 million delivered to small businesses, 100+ employees
Introducing Noah Breslow (Chief Operating Officer), Tammy Halevy (SVP, Enterprise Opportunity) and James Hobson (SVP Strategic Partnerships & Platform Solutions)


Swipely Launches Payment Marketing Platform


Afterwards, Swipely debuted its payment marketing platform:
Swipely’s payment marketing platform will combine payment processing with loyalty, offers, and analytics. This enables businesses to leverage expenses they already incurred through payment processing.
Product Launched: FinovateSpring 2012
HQ Location: Providence, RI
Company Founded: August 2009
Metrics: 35 employees, $8.5 million raised
Website: swipely.com
Introducing Angus Davis (Founder & CEO)


CoverHound Reveals its Comparative Shopping Engine


Then, CoverHound demonstrated its platform where consumers can compare insurance quotes:
“CoverHound’s comparative shopping engine gives users real, instant and actionable rates from leading insurance brands. 
CoverHound tools let partners offer consumers purchasable insurance quotes – supercharging monetization and user experience in new and lucrative ways.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: May 2010
Metrics: $800,000 raised to date, 10 employees
Introducing Basil Enan (Founder & CEO) and Rory Joyce (Chief Marketing Officer)


The CSI globalVCard is a Mobile Payments App for Businesses

CSIGlobalVCardLogo.jpgAfterwards, the CSI globalVCard team showed the audience a secure mobile payment from their mobile app:

“CSI globalVCard mobile app is a virtual MasterCard application designed for on-the-go businesses of any size. Create secure, single-use MasterCard account numbers from your mobile device. Even create virtual cards in another user’s name with options to securely send via email or SMS. Pay Online, On the Phone, Wherever MasterCard is accepted. Safe, secure mobile payments sent to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.”
Product Launched: October 2011
HQ Location: Bonita Springs, FL
Company Founded: 1989
Introducing Jason Kolbenheyer (Director of Products) and David Disque (Vice President of Operations)


Virtual Piggy Helps Kids Spend Money Online in a Controlled Environment


Virtual Piggy took the stage next with its payment platform designed to help kids transact safely online:

“Virtual Piggy is the first e-commerce solution that enables kids to manage and spend money within a parent-controlled environment. The technology company delivers online security platforms designed for the Under-18 age group in the global online market, and also provides online businesses the ability to function in a manner consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and similar international children’s privacy laws. Virtual Piggy enables the Under-18 audience to play, transact and socialize in a secure online environment guided by parental permission, oversight, and control.”

Product Launched: January 2012
HQ Location: Hermosa Beach, CA
Company Founded: 2008
Metrics: Public Company (OTC:VPIG)
Introducing Dr. Jo Webber (CEO and Founder) and Pradeep Ittycheria (CTO and Co-Founder)


Wall Street Survivor Guides Users Through the Investing Process


Today, Wall Street Survivor demonstrated its financial education platform:
“The latest version of Wall Street Survivor appeals to today’s passive and active investors. These users are more social, have shorter attention spans, want more guidance and support, and spend more time playing Angry Birds. They want financial education in an easy, rewarding, and unbiased form.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Montreal, Canada
Company Founded: September 2007
    • 120,000 registrations in the past 12 months
    • 3.3 million average page views per month
    • 7.5 million trades made
    • 46% of visitors will return 9x or more
    • 80% of traffic is unpaid
    • 9+ minutes average time on site
Introducing Rory Olson (CEO) and Greg Isenberg (CPO/CMO)


Portfolio Football Gamifies Wealth Management


Then, Portfolio Football demonstrated its unique platform that integrates financial management into the game of American football:

“Portfolio Football is a personal finance and portfolio management application based on the game of American football. Portfolio Football utilizes patent-pending technology and is the first financial management system to fully-integrate the concepts of football (or any team sport) with the concepts of finance. 

Portfolio Football relates a user’s personal financial situation to the scoreboard in a football game, thus enabling them to better understand and manage their personal finances. It also provides users with an easy-to-use tool that allows them to build and manage a fully diversified portfolio in the same way one would manage a fantasy football team.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Tampa, FL
Company Founded: May 2011
Introducing David Hirsch (President & CEO) and Aaron Barman (Senior VP of Business Development)


Giftly Helps You Send Gifts on Time

Thumbnail image for giftlyLogo.jpg

Next, Giftly showed how you can send gifts from your mobile device:
“We’ve created a gift card that doesn’t require merchant participation or point of sale integration, allowing us to focus on the consumer experience. Giftly does this by turning a person’s credit or debit card into a gift card.
With that innovation, we’ve made an iPhone app that makes giving a gift fun and easy. It’s been designed to be social, simple, and create great moments of serendipity between friends. Thanks to Facebook, Foursquare, and smart iOS integration, you can send a friend a nice birthday gift or give a drink to a friend when they check in at a bar within moments. To use a Giftly, you simply pay with your credit card and confirm redemption on your smartphone.”
Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: August 2010
Metrics: Raised: $2.5 million, employees: 10

Website: giftly.com 

Introducing Tim Bentley (Found and CEO)


Kuspit Teaches Users the Fundamentals of Investing

Thumbnail image for kuspitLogo.jpg

Wrapping up the first session, Kuspit took the stage to demonstrate its platform:
“The fundamental concept we need to understand as retail investors is risk. Most financial intermediaries focus on explaining return to their customers, which is only a consequence of the financial risks we are willing to take.
Kuspit offers a strong visual emphasis on the relationship between risk and return, a community where investors can follow each other to gain perspective, and tools for learning and managing risk in an investment framework.
Learning is a cornerstone in Kuspit’s offering: each investor needs to learn about each financial product before having the ability to invest in such a product.”
Product Launched: 3Q, 2012
HQ Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Company Founded: March 2010
Website: kuspit.com
Introducing Rodrigo Ocejo (Founder and CEO)


Bazaarvoice’s Conversations Tool Captures Digital Word of Mouth


Afterwards, Bazaarvoice demonstrated Conversations, a tool that captures customer comments to share online:

Bazaarvoice Conversations is a SaaS solution that allows highly regulated brands to safely capture, moderate, analyze, and display authentic customer word of mouth in digital and mobile experiences. Bazaarvoice Conversations helps brands propagate a multidimensional social experience resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction while gathering powerful insights and intelligence. 

With the Conversations platform, brands can capture customer word of mouth content from virtually anywhere and display it in numerous places including websites, branded communities, social extensions, mobile and tablet applications, and display ads using our syndication and media solutions.”

Product Launched: February 2012
HQ Location: Austin, TX
Company Founded: May 2005
Metrics: Over 300 billion total impressions served. These impressions are unique instances of online word of mouth delivered to end users’ web browsers, since our inception in 2005. We serve 23% of the Fortune 500 in 36 countries and 27 languages worldwide.
Introducing Mike Svatek (Chief Strategy Officer) and Sam Wettling (Solutions Architect)