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NICE Creates a Smart Customer Service Experience

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Concluding day 1 of the conference, NICE demonstrated its Mobile Reach solution:
“NICE Mobile Reach complements mobile banking by intelligently bridging mobile self-service and assisted service, creating a customer service experience that is as smart as customers’ devices. 
    • ENGAGE: It understands customer intent in real-time and recommends, just at the right time, the right channel for fulfilling the customer need. 
    • CONNECT: When needed, it seamlessly connects the customer with the right agent, bypassing the IVR and transferring the context from the mobile device to the agent desktop. 
    • COLLABORATE: During a call with an agent, it adds multimedia collaboration tools allowing the customer and agent to exchange text, images, and documents. 
The results: great customer experience, boost in mobile banking adoption, higher revenue, and lower service cost.”
Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Rutherford, NJ
Company Founded: January 1986
Introducing Amit Ashman (Director of Solution Marketing) and Matthew Storm (Director of Innovation & Solutions)