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The ProfitStars Budget Manager Creates an Efficient Budgeting Process


Afterwards, ProfitStars demonstrated how its Budget Manager can help financial institutions streamline the budgeting process:

“Budget Manager is a distributed budgeting tool that allows budget administrators to easily obtain input from the front line and seamlessly incorporate those inputs into the PROFITstar ALM/Budgeting application. This newly redesigned browser-based version enables users to construct and manage a more efficient budgeting process, including how to tackle more difficult items like salaries and fixed assets. Budget Manager provides for ongoing accountability and buy-in from all individuals throughout the organization. The application has reporting capabilities that allow for sharing of actual results throughout the budget year.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Monett, MO
Company Founded: June 1976
Metrics: Jack Henry serves over 11,800 clients, employs approximately 4,400 in over 40 locations, with revenues in excess of $1 billion annually.
Introducing Martin Webster (Sales Director) and Stacie Jokumsen (Product Marketing Specialist)