Klarna Demonstrates an Easy Payment Process


Next, Klarna showed off its payment process:

“Smooth and frictionless payment process is the trademark of the Klarna experience. No one approaches payments the way Klarna does. In less than a second, Klarna performs an extensive analysis of the buyer and assesses the specific risk of fraud and default for that transaction.”

HQ Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Company Founded: 2005
Metrics: 650 employees, 14,000 merchants, $155 million raised in 2011, $118 million in revenue in 2011
Website: klarna.com
Introducing Ohad Samet (Chief Risk Officer) and Jakob Söderbaum (SVP, Sales)


SoMoLend Debuts its P2P Lending Platform


Second, SoMoLend launched its P2P lending platform:

“SoMoLend is debuting its peer-to-peer lending experience by which business borrowers can raise capital by securing loans from friends and family, customers, and community supporters. 

Simultaneously, lenders can invest in the industries they care about most in their own neighborhood, fueling local economy and doing well by doing good all while earning a return.”

Product Launched: Beta Launch: December 2011; Full Product Launch: May 2012

HQ Location: Cincinnati, OH
Company Founded: May 2011
Metrics: SoMo has over 1,000 borrowers seeking loans on our platform and we have closed on $1.2 million in seed capital. SoMo has 5 full-time employees and 6 contract employees.
Website: somolend.com
Introducing Candace Klein (Founder & CEO) and Eric Elias (Director, Product Development)


FutureAdvisor Announces its Premium Beta


Kicking off the final afternoon session, FutureAdvisor showed how its new platform gives actionable investment advice:
“FutureAdvisor is demoing FutureAdvisor 401(k) Advice, which supports more than 100 of the largest 401(k) plans in the country. With company-specific data about which 401(k) Plans have which specific investment options, FutureAdvisor is able to algorithmically give step-by-step investment advice to investors that takes into account their investment goals, their existing investments elsewhere, and their 401(k)’s limited plan options. 
Though other companies have tried to tackle the problem of advising users on their IRA or taxable accounts, no free web service has been available to give specific, actionable advice on investors’ 401(k) accounts because of the complexity involved, until now. 
With FutureAdvisor’s step-by-step advice that takes an investor’s 401(k) and other accounts holistically into consideration, investors will be able to save on hidden fund fees, better diversify, and improve their tax efficiency.”
Product Launched: May 2012

HQ Location: Seattle, WA
Company Founded: May 2010
Metrics: Team of eight CFAs, Math PhDs, and Engineers
Introducing Bo Lu (Co-Founder)


Pindrop Security Helps Financial Institutions Prevent Fraudulent Calls

Thumbnail image for pindropLogo.jpg

Last to demo in this session, Pindrop Security demonstrated its phone call fraud prevention technology:
“Pindrop Security’s Phone Fraud Call Analyzer is the first technology of its kind to uniquely identify callers, regardless of spoofed Caller ID data or other deception attempts. Pindrop is able to provide a “call thumbprint” based on over 160 characteristics of the call, to provide accurate and actionable information on where the call is coming from and the type of device. In addition, the call is matched against Pindrop’s database of over of over 40,000 known fraud callers and matched. This information can allow financial institutions to improve identification of fraud callers, block or reroute calls and save time and money in call centers.
Pindrop Security’s Phone Fraud Intelligence Service (PFIS) provides access to the most accurate and complete database of phone numbers associated with fraud. The PFIS is used by fraud investigation teams, law enforcement, and intelligence to quickly evaluate call provenance as part of their anti-fraud decision process, including supporting caller validation, caller investigations and fraud forensics. This allows organizations to look for ongoing attacks from known fraudsters as well as to prevent future attacks.
The data is accessed via the PFIS portal, which provides detailed information both on specific number queries and on the worst offenders on a variety of criteria. PFIS can be accessed via a web-based portal or integrated into your systems through our API.”
Product Launched: January 2012
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: 2010
Introducing Vijay Balasubramaniyan (CEO)


Serverside Group Makes Personalized Card Design Easy and Social with Facebook Integration


Then, Serverside Group showed how easy it is for users to customize their own card and share the design with their Facebook friends:

“The app uses card customization as a new and unique way to leverage Facebook in an exciting and engaging way that can drive real brand value, loyalty, and engagement from a bank’s customers. Customers can design a card using an image from one of their Facebook photo galleries. Once the design is approved, it is posted to the user’s wall where all their friends can view it and click on the link to design their own card and thus create a viral marketing effect!”

Product Launched: March/April 2012
HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: 2003
Metrics: Serverside Group Limited is a UK-based trading company with 100% owned subsidiaries in the U.S. (Serverside Graphics Inc.) and NZ (Serverside Graphics (NZ) Ltd). The company has 50 global employees and is a fully owned subsidiary of Gemalto NV. 
Website: ssgl.com
Introducing Gareth Jones (Global Head of Sales & Development) and Andrew Cox (Vice President Development)


Clover Network Demonstrates Mobile Payment Solutions


Clover Network took the stage with its payment solution for mobile devices:

“Clover empowers payment processors and value added resellers to provide merchants with the best customer checkout experiences.”

Product Launching: June 2012
HQ Location: Mountain View, CA
Company Founded: October 2010
Metrics: $5.8 million Series A, 10 Employees
Website: clover.com
Introducing Leonard Speiser (Co-Founder)


inStream Shows How it is Changing the Financial Planning Software Industry

InStreamSolLogo.jpgAfterwards, inStream demonstrated its innovations within the financial planning software industry:

“inStream is changing the market standard for what is generally referenced today as “financial planning software” through multiple innovations highlighted below. 
  • Financial services coordination via lead generation puts the advisor in the center of the client relationship.
  • Leveraging community-generated planning metrics effectively creates a best practices knowledge base of wealth management services for clients.
  • Proactive planning made easy through rules-based planning (setting alerts for every-day planning), milestone-based (setting alerts based on key life milestones), and touchpoint based planning (pre-set client communication plan based on personal client interests).”
Product Launched: October 2011
HQ Location: McLean, VA
Company Founded: September 2010
Metrics: Money raised: $800,000, number of employees: 7, revenues: $100,000, 
registered users: 727 advisory firms
Introducing Alex Murguia (CEO)


Applause Learning Demos Coindexter Club, a Financial Literacy Program for Kids

ApplauseLearningLogo.jpgNext, Applause Learning introduced the Coindexter Club, a program that gamifies earning, saving, spending, and investing to help kids learn personal finance:

“The Coindexter Club is a financial literacy program for children ages 6 to 12 that includes many dynamic features. The program can be licensed by financial institutions or accessed directly by parents through our simple online subscription process. 

The foundation of the Coindexter Club is the virtual city of Econopolis found at www.Coindexter.com. Econopolis is a game-based virtual world that teaches children how to earn, save, spend, and invest money. The autonomous, non-linear learning environment of Econopolis allows children to learn at their own pace and develop strong financial behaviors that translate seamlessly from the virtual to the real world.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: October 2011
Introducing Adrian Lawrence (Creative Director) and Melissa Lawrence (Sales Representative)


ZipZap Demonstrates its Cash Transaction Solutions


After lunch, ZipZap demonstrated its CashCade and CashPayment solutions:
“ZipZap has developed a revolutionary new suite of cash transaction solutions. CashCade provides eCommerce merchants with an automated cascading payment option ensuring every transaction is approved. No more lost revenue from card-based transactions being declined, as CashCade gives consumers the option to pay cash.
CashPayment enables consumers worldwide to make payments for online purchases at offline locations using cash. Easily adapted to fit the needs of any eCommerce merchant, a consumer using the CashPayment option simply confirms the transaction online, prints the payment slip, takes it to the nearest Payment Center listed, and completes the transaction by paying the clerk with cash.”
Product Launched: January 2012 and May 2012
HQ Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: December 2010
Metrics: $1.2 million angel investment funding, 8 employees
Website: zipzapinc.com
Introducing Alan Safahi (Founder & CEO) and Myles Gutenkunst (VP of Business Development)


DeviceFidelity’s moneto Allows Android and iPhone Users to Pay Using NFC


Last to demo before lunch, DeviceFidelity showed how moneto uses MasterCard’s PayPass technology:

“Launched at CES by DeviceFidelity, Inc., moneto became the world’s first commercially available mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) wallet supporting both iPhone and Android platforms for mobile payments using the In2Pay microSD, which enables secure contactless transactions. 

The moneto mobile wallet is powered by MasterCard PayPass technology and linked to a general-purpose reloadable MasterCard prepaid card. The technology enables iPhone and Android users to make purchases with their phone at the hundreds of thousands of merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass.”

Product Launched: January 10, 2012
HQ Location: Richardson, TX
Company Founded: 2007
Introducing Youri Bebic (General Manager, NFC Prepaid Services) and Amitaabh Malhotra (COO and Co-Founder)