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Nomis Solutions Enables Retail Banks to Make Profitable Decisions


Then, Nomis Solutions demonstrated its platform that combines data and predictive analytics to help retail banks make smart decisions:

“Nomis is launching the next gen Pricing and Profitability Management platform for retail banks. The new platform builds on the success and reputation of the Nomis Price Optimizer and Nomis’ experience in delivering sustainable, strategic, financial, and operational returns to 35+ customers. 

By marrying insightful data streams, cutting-edge predictive analytics and behavioral science, and powerful decision-making capabilities within an engaging user experience, the platform enables CFOs, portfolio owners, product managers, and pricing analysts to understand their customers and make profitable, customer-sensitive decisions regardless of market and competitive dynamics.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Bruno, CA
Company Founded: May 2004
Metrics: Since 2004, Nomis has completed over 35 implementations of pricing technology and processes. Along the way, our customers have run over 100,000 pricing scenarios, priced over $400 billion in consumer accounts, and generated over $400 million in incremental profits through the use of Nomis technology. 
Introducing Frank Rohde (CEO) and Prashant Balepur (VP of Product Development)