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Pindrop Security Helps Financial Institutions Prevent Fraudulent Calls

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Last to demo in this session, Pindrop Security demonstrated its phone call fraud prevention technology:
“Pindrop Security’s Phone Fraud Call Analyzer is the first technology of its kind to uniquely identify callers, regardless of spoofed Caller ID data or other deception attempts. Pindrop is able to provide a “call thumbprint” based on over 160 characteristics of the call, to provide accurate and actionable information on where the call is coming from and the type of device. In addition, the call is matched against Pindrop’s database of over of over 40,000 known fraud callers and matched. This information can allow financial institutions to improve identification of fraud callers, block or reroute calls and save time and money in call centers.
Pindrop Security’s Phone Fraud Intelligence Service (PFIS) provides access to the most accurate and complete database of phone numbers associated with fraud. The PFIS is used by fraud investigation teams, law enforcement, and intelligence to quickly evaluate call provenance as part of their anti-fraud decision process, including supporting caller validation, caller investigations and fraud forensics. This allows organizations to look for ongoing attacks from known fraudsters as well as to prevent future attacks.
The data is accessed via the PFIS portal, which provides detailed information both on specific number queries and on the worst offenders on a variety of criteria. PFIS can be accessed via a web-based portal or integrated into your systems through our API.”
Product Launched: January 2012
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: 2010
Introducing Vijay Balasubramaniyan (CEO)