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Serverside Group Makes Personalized Card Design Easy and Social with Facebook Integration


Then, Serverside Group showed how easy it is for users to customize their own card and share the design with their Facebook friends:

“The app uses card customization as a new and unique way to leverage Facebook in an exciting and engaging way that can drive real brand value, loyalty, and engagement from a bank’s customers. Customers can design a card using an image from one of their Facebook photo galleries. Once the design is approved, it is posted to the user’s wall where all their friends can view it and click on the link to design their own card and thus create a viral marketing effect!”

Product Launched: March/April 2012
HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: 2003
Metrics: Serverside Group Limited is a UK-based trading company with 100% owned subsidiaries in the U.S. (Serverside Graphics Inc.) and NZ (Serverside Graphics (NZ) Ltd). The company has 50 global employees and is a fully owned subsidiary of Gemalto NV. 
Introducing Gareth Jones (Global Head of Sales & Development) and Andrew Cox (Vice President Development)