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DeviceFidelity’s moneto Allows Android and iPhone Users to Pay Using NFC


Last to demo before lunch, DeviceFidelity showed how moneto uses MasterCard’s PayPass technology:

“Launched at CES by DeviceFidelity, Inc., moneto became the world’s first commercially available mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) wallet supporting both iPhone and Android platforms for mobile payments using the In2Pay microSD, which enables secure contactless transactions. 

The moneto mobile wallet is powered by MasterCard PayPass technology and linked to a general-purpose reloadable MasterCard prepaid card. The technology enables iPhone and Android users to make purchases with their phone at the hundreds of thousands of merchants that accept MasterCard PayPass.”

Product Launched: January 10, 2012
HQ Location: Richardson, TX
Company Founded: 2007
Introducing Youri Bebic (General Manager, NFC Prepaid Services) and Amitaabh Malhotra (COO and Co-Founder)