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Applause Learning Demos Coindexter Club, a Financial Literacy Program for Kids

ApplauseLearningLogo.jpgNext, Applause Learning introduced the Coindexter Club, a program that gamifies earning, saving, spending, and investing to help kids learn personal finance:

“The Coindexter Club is a financial literacy program for children ages 6 to 12 that includes many dynamic features. The program can be licensed by financial institutions or accessed directly by parents through our simple online subscription process. 

The foundation of the Coindexter Club is the virtual city of Econopolis found at Econopolis is a game-based virtual world that teaches children how to earn, save, spend, and invest money. The autonomous, non-linear learning environment of Econopolis allows children to learn at their own pace and develop strong financial behaviors that translate seamlessly from the virtual to the real world.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: Atlanta, GA
Company Founded: October 2011
Introducing Adrian Lawrence (Creative Director) and Melissa Lawrence (Sales Representative)